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Here is what I truly love: hearing stories from awesome people who decided they wanted to do something with their life and then they go out and do it. We all need a little bit of that inspiration once in a while, right?

That’s exactly why we interviewed Dini Klein of Prep + Rally on our show this week. She shares how she started her company and sprinkles in how to meal prep for the week.

At the beginning of the year, Jordan and I decided that we were going to make some changes with how we ate. We wanted to stop eating out so much and we wanted to stop throwing out so much food. Every sad bag of spinach that I tossed in the trash was money that we were literally throwing away (not to mention extremely wasteful of our environmental resources).

But there was one problem: we don’t really know how to cook. Or, we don’t know how to cook well.

Enter Prep + Rally – meal prep like a pro

I found Dini on Instagram and was intrigued by her claim that you could prep four dinners in one hour. What? Maybe that would be possible for a chef like her, but not for someone like me. But tired of eating tuna sandwiches three nights a week, I signed up. And she delivered. I learned the sequence of how to prep for the week and how to look at what I have and make modifications. And best of all? We started saving so much money on food.

I started learning more about her business and knew I wanted to interview her. Not only is she a whiz in the kitchen who saved us time (and sanity), she’s also really inspiring. If you’ve ever wanted to take your big dream and start working towards it with small steps, Dini has just the inspiration that you need.

Listen to feel inspired to do more than meal prep for the week

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How she got the courage to walk away from funding for her meal prep business, and start it all on her own
  • What it was like to end her private chef business and create a totally new business (and forgo a paycheck for a few months)
  • How the small steps of progress keep her motivated, even on the really bad days
  • How she feeds her family of four for $100 per week with meal prepping
  • Her best meal prep for the week hacks that can help you cut back on your food waste, ditch that takeout, and eat better food

If you’re interested in signing up for Prep + Rally. Then start meal prepping for the week now!

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