Episode 17: The Don't Go Broke Guide to Travel – The Worth Project

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Jordan and I met at the end of our senior year of college and it was a terrible time to start a relationship. We were each heading on our own three-month backpacking trip, doing a cliche (and very lucky) summer of travel. We both liked travel before and had traveled extensively around the US, but this was our first real taste of exploring other countries, and we were hooked.

The next year we booked our first trip together: hiking and camping in the rainforest in Belize.

Since then we’ve each visited over 50 countries and have done some things really well, and we’ve also made some terrible mistakes. But, we’ve loved it all. Now that Henry is with us travel looks just a little different, but it’s just as good. In this episode, we break down our best tips to help you travel, without breaking the bank. We like to think we hit a good balance between budget and luxury travel, while still loving it all.

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