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I know, I know. Investing can feel intimidating. All that jargon, options, fees, and the risk (ugh). But here’s the great news: investing has gotten incredibly easy.

It doesn’t need to be difficult, it’s not just for the super-wealthy, but it does need to be a part of your money plan. Let’s get started investing with our Investing is Complicated: This Analogy Explains Everything. Consider it your guide to investing with an analogy you will never forget.

Then dive into our 4 part guide on investing that helps you overcome the “overwhlem” of investing –  Millennial Investing: The Ultimate Starter Guide

Other multiple income stream ideas and guides you won’t want to miss:

Our favorite real estate investing websites to help you get started: Afford Anything and BiggerPockets

What if you could get paid more for the job you already do?

I spent a year interviewing over 100 women who successfully negotiated their salaries, and compiled it into a guide to walk you step-by-step through the negotiation process. If a 15-minute conversation could earn you thousands more, doesn’t that sound like time well spent?

Other negotiation tips and methods you won’t want to miss:

Did you know that negotiating your salary one time can add over a million dollars to your earnings over your career?

  • I’ll show you how with my 3 part system: Research. Prep. Ask.
  • 3 videos included with practice scrips
  • Free access to Not Your Father’s Negotiation Course, a $97 value

Personal Capital’s free tools were created for the person who wants to GSD. They offer investment tools, including a top-notch retirement calculator and college savings calculator. My favorite part about using it for investing is that I can log into one place and see exactly what I own: stocks, bonds, and others. Plus, there is a fee analyzer that will tell me exactly how much I’m paying in fees. This makes keeping track of my investments a breeze. Vanguard is one of the low-fee leaders in the world of investing. We use them for pretty much everything: retirement accounts, taxable investment accounts, and Henry’s college savings. While they are a DIY option, you can find some easy to use options, like their target date retirement funds. For my Forbes column, I spent two years interviewing women about their experiences negotiating their salary. My biggest takeaway? There was no one resource where they could get the information they needed to help them confidently articulate what they wanted. So, I made it. One of the best things that helped me climb out of six figures of student loan debt was refinancing. When I refinanced, Sofi was new on the scene and I didn’t know what to expect. My experience with them was fantastic. From responsive customer service to other perks (like career counseling), Sofi has you covered. And, once you are a member you be eligible for discounted rates for your other lending needs.

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