Episode 22: What You Want Might Not be as Expensive as You Think – The Worth Project

by admin

This is one of a few ideas that we’ve had over the years. We always hear about people who sell everything and use that money to fund their travels for a year. Can we do that too?

While we decided that it was a better idea for our family to move to Hawaii, it still made sense to sell everything rather than ship it 7,000 miles. Plus, we were due for a good clean out. I’m not going to lie, I had some big plans to have the money fund a trip or two. But after Jordan spent over 120 hours selling 90% of our things (or donating them), I have to say the total we made was pretty unexiting.

But our failed attempt to sell everything aside, one of the best things we learned from this entire process (wanting to move, deciding to move, and now actually moving) is that the things we want might not be as expensive as we thing. That is, if we can re-think how we get there.

Now we’re ready for phase two of this adventure…spending the next 8 weeks on the road as we make our way west to Hawaii.

PS: thanks for listening! We’re taking a break for the next two months as we get ourselves to Hawaii, but we’ll be back. Hopefully with some good stories and some inspiring guests.

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