Most Sunday evenings I spend some time creating a “to accomplish” list for the week. I’m usually too ambitious and fall very short of the lofty goals I set for myself. (Btw, I’ve used this system for the past year, and it’s the best way I’ve found to make to-do lists.)

This week while making my to-accomplish list I decided that I was going to go out and find myself one new client. I’ve been lucky so far – I get most of my work from referrals or long-term clients. I still have the very first client that I ever started working with.

But as Jordan and I set goals for ourselves this year, I decided that my biggest priority – after having a healthy baby – would be to grow my income. We want to build a house, we want to have a fully funded freedom fund in case something happens with Jordan’s job, and we have a tiny, new (adorable) dependent to factor into the money equation. Babies are not cheap.

So this week I pitched and networked my little heart out. I found a handful of companies that are doing really interesting things reached out to them. I went in harder than I ever have before and I realize now that I used to hesitate before sending my emails because I feared rejection. This week, somehow, I adopted an IDGAF mentality which was fueled, in part, by the reading I picked for this week’s newsletter.

And…results? I’ve booked two new clients. Maybe 3.

I’m thrilled about the new work and new income streams, but I’m most excited about just going out there and doing it. I’ve been talking for months about finding new clients. This week I said I would, I got over any hangup on rejection, and like Nike, I just did it.

PS: curious about pitching and how it works? I have an old article that walks through exactly how I got started freelancing and how I began pitching clients. Even if you love your job, knowing how to make money on your own is one of the best forms of financial independence you can have.

Second only to discovering you have a massive trust fund (<- still waiting on this one).


we’ve got you covered

I scream, you scream, we all scream for investing! That’s how it goes, right? I know, I know. That was horrible. But since I have you all jazzed for investing, this week we have part 4 of our 4 part investing series. And it’s all about hiring a professional: when should you do it and how much do they cost?

Are you new here and did you miss parts 1-3? I’ve got you covered. Here’s the full series:

  1. Why Should I invest?
  2. What’s the fee? We hear about fees all the time. What should you really look for?
  3. Options to DIY it: the pros, cons, and how exactly to get started.
  4. Should you hire a financial advisor? And how much do they cost?

Travel plans? I’m compiling an article with the best tips from Worth Project members about how to travel well. Do you know how to snag deals? Do you hack credit card miles like a pro? Hit reply and send me your best tip.

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

Dear diary. You’ve likely heard of the “Money Diaries”, Refinery 29’s incredibly popular column chronicling how women spend their hard earned cash over the course of a week.Last week’s money diaries provoked so much criticism that Refinery 29 decided to run a piece breaking down interesting stats from the series and asked some serious questions as to why we think it’s OK to judge how other people spend. It’s an interesting look at how we find money conversations so taboo and why it’s so emotional. A snippet I found particularly interesting:

“Women arguably read, write, comment, and lurk in Money Diaries because they can’t have these conversations anywhere else. Money remains an emotionally fraught territory – triggering anger, jealousy, inadequacy, resentment, pride, gratitude, and self-pity in a split-second.”

Rejection hurts. But does it have to? One of the most difficult things about being self employed is that you face rejection a lot. For someone who has a fear of failure, this has been the hardest thing for me. But does rejection have to actually = failure? Whether you’re self employed or not, getting past rejection is an important part of life and feeling confident enough to put yourself out there. Read this article and then watch this video to create your own strategies for getting past rejection.

This is fascinating. A long profile of a fake socialite and how she tricked New York (and the world) into believing she had millions. It’s an interesting, modern day Catch Me If You Can, and I was hooked for the entire story. Save this to read over your morning coffee. It’s good.

Make It Good

because life is more than money

Hello sunshine. I’ve always been a morning person, but since having a baby I’ve become a grumpy morning person. Likely because I’m running on broken sleep. But I want to remember how to savor those early mornings like I did pre-Henry. I want to enjoy the sunrise while sipping my coffee or take Henry out for a quiet morning walk around town. Cup of Jo has monthly challenges and this one chronicles the author’s journey to become a morning person. It’s light, quick, and has inspired me to try to love mornings again.

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