What a week! The first week back from vacation is always the hardest, but I’ve felt unusually out of sorts all week. I haven’t been working on things that are priorities for me and I’ve spent too much time working harder, not smarter, on small things that don’t really matter.

I blame this crazy week on leaving my bullet journal in the Airbnb in Spain. It wasn’t just a notebook with a bunch of to-do lists that I lost. It had a list of my priorities, notes, and goals. It sounds ridiculous but I am so sad to lose that little book.

The silver lining is I now get to start fresh with new priorities, goals, and content ideas. I’m spending time this weekend getting back into the groove of it all and thinking about some new projects and articles that I want to take on. After last weeks email, I received so many replies about money + happiness. Questions, thoughts, and just general notes. And I loved them all. I’m ditching whatever was in that bullet journal and focusing everything I’m writing next week on money and happiness. And I’m so happy (ha) about it.

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Lucky number 6. Jordan and I are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary this weekend (crazy) with a long walk through the english countryside and dinner at a sweet little pub. Living in England I try to recreate scenes from The Holiday as much as possible. Because that’s reasonable. Since the article on how we share our money was one of the most read for a long time, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a bit more. This week I wrote about the lessons we’ve learned about money (and life) over the past six-plus years. We’ve lived thousands of miles away from each other, moved to a new country together, bought a home, paid off debt, and have used our money to explore 50+ countries. We’ve made mistakes and learned a lot, but writing this was a reminder that we still have so much more to learn and experience.

Adopt that power pose. Last month on Cupcakes and Cashmere I shared 6 ways to be more confident with your money. And this isn’t faux confidence that leads to bad decisions. It’s six small things that you can do daily that will leave you more confident in the choices you make.

Making more. Last month on Forbes I shared the story of a woman who negotiated her pay while working in an hourly retail job. I loved this story because so often I share stories of women who negotiate for massive salary increases. This increase was a modest hourly increase, but incredibly impactful on her quality of life. It’s a great reminder that you can – and should – negotiate raises.

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Adulting so hard. Do you feel like an adult? 99% of the time I don’t, but there have been some defining moments where I really felt grown-up. Was it when I got married or had a baby? Nope. I felt like an adult the first time we rented our home out and I was doing the move in walkthrough and going over the lease with the new tenants. A weird milestone for adulthood? Maybe. But more and more financial independence is being seen as the point where you’ve reached adulthood, rather than the more traditional milestones. This article breaks down why renting your own apartment or supporting your aging parents is now seen as the marker for adulting – and why that’s a good change.

What’s age appropriate? I hate those articles that give you strict guidelines about what you should have saved by a certain age. If you’re behind in their metric of financial stability it can feel like you’ll never catch up (you can catch up, btw). This article takes a different approach. Instead of using hard numbers as markers, use the creation of positive habits. And stop reading those articles that say you should have $X saved by the time you’re 30. You don’t need that in your life.

Do you want to follow the money? Go to medical school at NYU or get paid to move to Vermont. That article breaks down life in the Green Mountain State and I think I could live there for that $10k bonus. I do love fall foliage.

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because life is about more than money

Get in my basket. Just like everyone else right now, I love self-care. For two years I did all of the marketing for a self-care website and absolutely loved it. And I’m always on the lookout for self-care that doesn’t break the bank. Enter, Trader Joe’s $2 sheet masks. I didn’t know I would love that store even more.

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