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Have you tried budgeting, but after a few months you don’t find yourself sticking to it? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed with the process? Let’s talk about setting up a spending plan that helps you intentionally spend money and save money in line with your goals. Yes, it’s like a budget , but better.

Then, do these 4 steps to implement your budget for people who hate budgeting.

Start Simple Money Guide

Here at The Worth Project, we believe money should be simple. I’m excited to share with you a different, simple approach to money. Start Simple helped Jordan and me stop yo-yo-ing with our money. Download your free Start Simple money guide here.

Stay on budget with these helpful articles:

Personal Capital’s free tools were created for the person who wants to GSD. They offer free financial planning and investment tools, including a top-notch retirement calculator and college savings calculator. But a great feature is they aggregate all of your accounts (bank accounts, debt, investments, retirement), so you can log into one spot and see your full financial picture. This was a game changer for my financial organization and confidence.

One of the best things that helped me climb out of six figures of student loan debt was refinancing. When I refinanced, SoFi was new on the scene and I didn’t know what to expect. My experience with them was fantastic. From responsive customer service to other perks (like career counseling), SoFi has you covered. And, once you are a member you are eligible for discounted rates for your other lending needs.

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