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We both grew up knowing one money rule: spend less than you earn.

And that rule was helpful until we started tackling the bigger questions in life. Things like:

  • Could we both afford to go back to grad school?
  • How should money management work when we get married?
  • Should we buy a house?
  • How can we do the responsible things while still doing things we love (like traveling)?
  • Can we afford to become self employed?
  • What in the world do we need to do now that we have a baby???

We didn’t want to make decisions and hope that we got them right. We wanted to make fully informed decisions that made us feel confident and in control of our future.

Money is empowering: if you make purposeful decisions, it can bring opportunities (and fun) to your life.

Here we share everything we’ve learned. From creating simple money systems to earning more to traveling the world on less (and with a toddler).

This isn’t a site about penny-pinching or clipping coupons. It’s a site about finding a way to save, earn, and spend your money to help you realize those big life dreams.

On this website — and through our newsletter — you’ll get all of the money resources, sans jargon, to help you save more, earn more, and make those big life decisions. Start with our centers to dive into the resources that you need.

On the podcast, you’ll get inspiration as you navigate the adventures of your next chapter.

On Instagram, you can follow along as we document our Worth Project — we sold everything we own, we’re moving from London to Hawaii, and we’re leaning into the adventure of it all.

This is our Worth Project. What’s yours?

Enjoy more of what’s good with the weekly project. Smart reads about money and life sent straight to your inbox. It’s the easiest way to be smart with your money.

After meeting in college at UC Santa Barbara, Erica and Jordan spent the next handful of years traveling, dating long distance, and moving around the world. They’ve lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Bangladesh, and London. Most recently, they just sold everything they owned and moved to Hawaii.

Was money a part of that decision? You betcha.

About Erica:

Erica is, and probably always will be, a money nerd. After studying economics in undergrad she went on to get her CPA and work for PricewaterhouseCoopers. She then received her MBA from Duke University and worked in marketing before she and Jordan made the trip across the pond to spend five years living in London.

Now she’s a freelance personal finance and travel writer. She’s an avid traveler (50+ countries), loves the outdoors, and once listed “googling things” as her hobby.

She passionately believes we don’t need to choose between living a good life and being good with our money. 

Jordan isn’t just a money nerd, but he’s also a science nerd. He studied Chemical Engineering in undergrad and spent 14 years working in engineering on projects around the world. He also received his MBA from Duke University, but unlike Erica who landed in six figures of student loan debt, he had his employer pay for it.

He now runs this site behind the scenes, is the master of the podcast, and is working on a new business in the environmental space. His backup career is as a ski bum, so Erica’s really hoping this new idea works out.

About Henry:

Henry is the sweet, energetic, magnificent toddler they move mountains for.

About Hattie:

Hattie joined their family from a shelter in London. She’s simply the best, but don’t pet her — she’s nervous.

Follow our journey and (better yet) start your own.

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