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Last year I went on a true crime podcast binge. I was completely obsessed and listened to them while walking my very slow and reluctant dog every day (see the above photo for evidence of the worlds slowest dog). Everything was fine until I started to develop the paranoia that everyone I passed on the street was a psychopath. For the sake of my mental health, I pressed pause on those podcasts.

The past six months or so I’ve been on a total podcast draught. My daily walks have been a little quiet and I’ve wanted to start listening to podcasts again without heading back into the true crime world.

Luckily, The Worth Project has a community of thousands of incredibly smart subscribers who nicely recommended some great listens when I asked in the newsletter a couple of weeks ago. I’ve subscribed to them all and I’m working my way through the list.

Because the recommendations were all so good, I had to share. If you’re searching for your next listen, enjoy!

Podcasts with an asterisk (*) were recommended by multiple people. And an Interesting note – there isn’t one podcast about money on this list. Weird?

Self-Development Listens

Goop*: Conversations with experts about shifting old paradigms.

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Conversations*: Experts discuss big questions to help you become your best self.

The Good Life Project: Stories to help you live a better life. Also, this episode and the related test were great to help you figure out what you should do with your life are great.

4 Things With Amy Brown: New podcast where host Amy Brown chats about 4 things to promote health and wellbeing. It’s short interviews about all the stuff and I love this. She’s made me want to fix my recent my snoozing problem.

The Lively Show: Add more intention into your life with Jess. She’s a best friend in your ear each week.

The Life Coach School: I think this designed to appeal to life coaches and to help them improve their business, but the episodes cover a variety of self-development topics that will appeal to the non-life coach as well.

On Being with Krista Tippett: Big questions about who we are and what we’re here to do.

Hurry Slowly: Slow down and become more productive and creative? I’m in.

Almost 30: Tackling important topics in a funny way, these two women talk about wellness and business topics to help you through any life transition.

Edit Your Life: Edit the excess from your life. These women talk about how to do it.

Entertaining Listens

Armchair Expert*: Dax Shepard interviews celebrities and experts in a variety of fields. I’ve only listened to the one with Kristen Bell so far, but it was fantastic.

S-Town*: From the makers of Serial and This American Life. A deep look into one man’s life that is so addicting.

Forever 35*: A self-care podcast that’s about serums and more.

Dirty John*: Taking me back down the true-crime podcast hole, this is an addicting true story about love and very scary lies.

Reply All: Stories about the internet and people. This episode is funny, weirdly fascinating, and a little sad. It’s a recorded call with an internet scam. I couldn’t stop listening to this even though I had work to do.

Young House Love: DIY home bloggers started a podcast. And I have no idea why I love it so much, but I do.

Modern Love: True essays of life and love read by celebrities.

How It Is: Inspiring stories from women told in their own words. This season is all about journeys.

Heavyweight: Have you taken a wrong turn in life? This podcast goes back to those moments and helps the interviewer confront them so they can move on.

Smart Listens

Ted Talks Daily: If you love Ted Talks (that’s me!), you’ll love these.

99% invisible*: Jordan’s ultimate favorite podcast, host Roman Mars explores design, architecture, and things you don’t normally notice. Also, he has a TED talk on flags which is fascinating.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: A podcast exploring social innovation and societal change.

Invisibilia*: How invisible forces shape our lives. A blend of science and story-telling.

Career listens

How I Built This*: Stories from entrepreneurs about the businesses they’ve built.

The Femails: From Career Contessa, a podcast on how to build a fulfilling career.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: Daily inspiration for creative entrepreneurs.

Rework: Is there a better way to work? The founders of Basecamp think so.

HBR Ideacast: Hear from leaders and find a better way to manage with these short podcasts.

She Said / She Said: Conversations with women in leadership about their diverse experiences and opinions.

Did we miss anything?

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