Life Decisions – The Worth Project

by admin

Our sweet little son Henry was born in March 2018 and to say that having him changed things would be an understatement.

Having him brought up some tough questions we had talked about in theory, but were now a reality. Things like:

  • How much does a baby cost in the first year? Spoiler alert: $24,032. See where it went here.
  • What do we actually need to buy for this baby? Read our 10 must-have items here.
  • How do we make sure his future is as secure as we can make it?

Do you need life insurance?

The most uncomfortable question was how do we ensure life for him is comfortable should things not go according to plan. And we all know things in life don’t go according to plan.

My research to answer this question led to a guide answering the financial decision, “do I need life insurance?”

Personal Capital’s free tools were created for the person who wants to GSD. They offer investment tools, including a top-notch retirement calculator and college savings calculator. My favorite part about using it for investing is that I can log into one place and see exactly what I own: stocks, bonds, and others. Plus, there is a fee analyzer that will tell me exactly how much I’m paying in fees. This makes keeping track of my investments a breeze. Getting life insurance was on my to-do list for a very long time. Once we had Henry, we knew it was time to ditch the employer plan we had and get the coverage we wanted. After a bit of searching, we found Ladder: the easy, online way to sign up for term life insurance.

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