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Life costs money. But last year I started wondering if maybe the life that I really want, doesn’t cost as much as I think. And — surprise — that’s true. I had so many old stories about how I should spend my money, what I should be buying, and how much I needed to earn to finally live the life of my dreams.

If you find yourself in the same position, this is the episode you’ll want to listen to.

You’ll notice a somewhat selfish theme that’s starting to emerge in our interviews: when a guest talks about financial choices they’ve made, I always ask, “but what about the kids? How did they react?” Selfishly, I’m asking because I wonder how Henry will react to some of the decisions we’re making. Am I scarring him for life?

In this interview, our guest Danny points out that he can only remember a few Christmas gifts he received as a child. As soon as we got off the phone with him, Jordan and I each tried to remember our favorite gifts from our childhood. I remembered two. Jordan remembered one (sorry parents!). It was a great reminder that maybe, just maybe, the things that we think matter (like gifts) really aren’t the things we should be focusing on.

Today on the show, we have Danny Kofke!

Danny is a special education teacher who really knows what he values….and puts his money where his mouth is. He’s had the opportunity to earn triple his income but realized that he’s truly content with Redbox and Subway date nights if that means he gets to spend more time with his family. Honestly, listening to Danny made Jordan and I both feel even more at ease with financial and lifestyle decisions we’ve made.

In this episode Danny shares:

  • How his family chose to live off a single income teacher’s salary of $42k
  • How having a financial margin in his life has made it possible to do things that matter to him, like caring for his father and publishing books
  • What he learned from his upbringing to solidify his money habits
  • His unique view on things like Christmas gifts that we’ll be adopting (sorry, not sorry Henry)

We loved talking with Danny and how he’s made the financial and other decisions in his life from a place of purpose. He’s a reminder that you can love your life regardless of your salary.

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You can learn more about Danny at his site: http://wealthyteacher.weebly.com/

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