Taking the Plunge to Buy a Business – with Barbara Ginty – The Worth Project

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Do people who work in finance always make well thought out financial decisions? 

Barbara Ginty, CFP, joined us on our podcast to talk about her experience buying a business: the ups and the downs. And there were plenty of downs.

Starting her career on Wall Street, she decided to pivot into personal finance when her Dad and Aunt were selling their business. With a very light amount of research, she thought “I”m smart, how hard can personal finance and running a small business in upstate New York be?”

Karma came around hard on that one. She shares openly about her early struggles (maxed out credit cards anyone? Crazy healthcare costs?) and how the business STILL USED A TYPEWRITER. Yes, I’m emphasizing that.

But Barbara made it through to the other side, with a story to tell. She’s now the proud owner of two thriving businesses and has started to enjoy the lifestyle freedom that can come after a few years of hard work. Plus, she has the Future Rich podcast that is so addicting.

Barbara has some great lessons for people to learn from, including how to balance living your life today and while saving for retirement.

“I think it’s really important that there is a balance between enjoying your life now and saving for retirement. Because retirement isn’t a guarantee.”

You can find out more about Barbara on her website, Planancial, on  her podcast Future Rich.

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