Simplify Money – The Worth Project

by admin

A guide to help you embrace freedom, overcome overwhelm, and live a life that’s better than fine.

Money should be simple.

I’ve always been “good” with money — I saved for the future, for a rainy day, for my golden years. I didn’t buy too many things or eat out too much. My job was ok, it paid pretty well, and I asked for raises when I should.

Things were fine.

But were they great?

I’d go through points where I’d be frustrated by the feeling that future me was stealing from present me. I was focused on doing the right things so I could enjoy freedom in 30 years, but it felt in conflict with wanting to enjoy things now. I’d end up yo-yo spending and filling my time and home up with things that didn’t really matter (and draining a little too much from my bank account in the process).

I wanted to find a more balanced way to live. This is our journey to simplify our money, our time, and our life, so we could focus on what really matters.

Let’s simplify money.

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