Episode 16: Why getting laid off isn’t the end of your story. It’s the beginning. – with Crystalee Beck – The Worth Project

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“Because I experienced that bottom of the barrel financial feeling, it cemented in me that we would figure out money.”

Imagine having a one-year-old baby at home, with a second on the way, and suddenly being laid off from your job. Now also imagine that your partner is out of work as well.

What would you do?

That’s the situation our guest Crystalee Beck was faced with. With a master’s degree, a small savings account, the desire to make it work, Crystalee decided that she wasn’t going to go back to the type of job she left. She wanted to design her own career path.

A year after being laid off she started her first business, a copywriting business which has now grown to have multiple employees. After finding her footing (and writing a book!) she found time to launch a second business, The Mama Ladder. She and her co-founder started The Mama Ladder to help other women who are at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship, thrive. Through The Mama Ladder, she and her co-founder (along with their partners) offer a semi-annual $5,000 grant, called the High Five grant. Any mom’s who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs? The application for the grant is open from June 14 – June 28, 2019.

This interview with Crystalee is a reminder to everyone that you are smart enough and capable enough to figure things out.

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