We spent the last few weeks in California soaking in ALL the sunshine and warm weather. It had been a full year since I’d been back to the US and while I love the experience that we’re having living in Europe, getting to see friends and family (and — let’s be real — hand Henry off to his Grandparents) was amazing.

While we were there we did some adulting things that we’d been putting off for too long. We updated our life insurance (amazing and easy) and had a trust created (terrible, but still easy). I’ll be sharing everything I learned during that process soon, but knocking those two things off my to do list has me feeling extremely responsible and ready to do more.

Last January Jordan and I spent the week between Christmas and New Years getting our life in order for 2018: we Konmaried our flat (yep, all of it), we got our digital life in order, we set exciting goals, and reorganized our money. Because all of those things can get just as messy as your closet if you don’t regularly clean it up. And once they were done it was like a breath of fresh air. It sparked some serious joy.

I thought it was the perfect time to do it, but now I realize that the better time to do it all is fall. How good would it feel to go into the holidays with all of those loose ends and nagging to-do list items crossed off? To waltz into the new year feeling great about your money, your mindset, and life in general.

I’m starting this weekend with my first two to-do’s: cleaning out my closet and cleaning up my money mindset. Both are feeling just a little cluttered. And I’ll be sharing the process — and all of the great resources I find along the way — with you right here.


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Life decisions. Deciding whether or not you should go to grad school is kind of a big deal. Life-wise and money-wise. When I was contemplating an MBA program I realized that it would cost $268,000 (including foregone salary). That was a terrifying moment. But after a lot of reflection and an absurd number of spreadsheets helping me calculate ROI, I decided that it was right for me. Here’s exactly the process I walked through and how I looked at the money part of this investment in myself.

Not to be a downer…student loan debt is kind of a bummer. And American’s have a lot of it. $1.4 trillion of it to be exact (that’s $1,400,000,000,000). If you’ve been on the fence about refinancing — or it’s been waaaay down on your to-do list, you might want to look at it now. With interest rates going up, your window of opportunity is closing. Refinancing definitely isn’t right for everyone, but here’s some info that will help you get started figuring out if it’s right for you.

Make Me Smart

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Let it ride. When I applied to grad school I was tempted to cash out my retirement to pay for it. That would be smarter than taking on debt, right? Nope. This article breaks down why you shouldn’t touch the money in your 401k, even though it might be super tempting.

Confession. I love following people on Instagram that live in RV’s, vans, or tiny homes. I’m oddly intrigued by how they make it work and find myself daydreaming about whether van life is right for me (it’s not). I’m doubly impressed when people make this lifestyle choice to help them pay off debt. If you’re looking for creative ways to pay off your student loan or other debt, this article features what people are doing to become debt free. I wish I had been this creative.

Weekend Plans. At any given time I’m either cleaning out my closet, thinking about cleaning out my closet, or have just cleaned out my closet. So when I saw that Sherry from Young House Love wrote a post and recorded a video about how having a “uniform” simplifies her closet and saves her money, I pored over every detail. I’m clearing a morning this weekend to try her approach.

Plus, what happens when you donate clothes (it’s not good), and what to do if you want to get rid of your ex’s things (it’s good).

Make It Good

because life is about more than money

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. If you follow The Worth Project on Instagram, you may have seen in the stories that I’ve been up early this week to meet deadlines. So this morning I let myself have a “lie in” (that’s British for sleeping in. I’m basically bilingual now). As Jordan was leaving he took a snap of me sleeping and text it to me later with a note that said “You have a problem.” Why? I was clutching my phone in my sleep. Point taken, Jordan. I’ve tried phone limiting apps in the past, but nothing has stuck. I’m hoping that this article about how to use your phone to use your phone less, will help.

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