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Our 3 Biggest Money Arguments And How We Resolved Them

Money disagreements are the best, am I right? Ok so maybe they’re not the best, but we all have them, whether we choose to admit it or not. I used to turn a blind eye to our disagreements and think that Jordan and I were totally in sync with our cash. But taking a...

Simple Tools We Use to Organize our 21 Accounts

Get the No Budget, Budget FREE Workbook A budget for people who hate budgeting. Get the No Budget, Budget FREE Workbook A budget for people who hate budgeting. I’ve received a lot of questions recently about how we organize our money and all the different bank,...

Combining Finances: How We Share Our Money

Years ago I was out with a friend. We were having lunch and popping into some cute boutiques in San Francisco. She found a dress that she absolutely loved and wanted to get it for a wedding that summer. Rather than making the decision herself, she called and asked her...

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How I Started My Side Hustle: The Step By Step Guide

Way back in 2015 I was in a miserable job that I hated. I was on a path that wasn’t right for me. I needed out, and quickly. I needed a side hustle. Now I know that, thankfully, not everyone hates their job. But hating your job isn’t the only reason to start a side...

Personal Capital Tutorial and Review

I make it no secret that I’m a little disorganized with my money. Or, I should say I was disorganized before I put some systems in place to help me not be such a mess. (You can see the full post here and get the guide here on how Jordan and I organize our money) I’ve...

January Book Review: What If It Does Work Out?

Every year I make the vague resolve to read more. Then halfway through the year, I realize I’ve only picked up a handful of books, most of which constitute beach reads. I’m not knocking beach reads, we need them. But there is also something important about reading...

Latest Posts: Live Bigger

Ask Erica: February Reader Questions

One of my favorite things about this community that we’re building is how open people are to asking questions and considering different solutions for their money. It’s so refreshing to have honest conversations within a safe judgement-free space! As I keep getting...

January Financial Goals Update

I love goals, but I've never been the best at keeping them. So in an effort to stay on track and help anyone else who is trying to stay accountable to theirs, I thought I'd share a monthly update here. You can find the New Year's goals post that details everything...

How I’m Learning to be More Confident

Monday morning I sat down and took out my trusty bullet journal. I was planning to write a post on investing followed by another post on student loans. I was ready to tackle that to-do list. But when I opened the journal I accidentally flipped to a page near the...

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