This newsletter is going to be short and sweet today because I’m doing my best to live that mat leave life for a few more days. And by mat leave life, I mean I’m attempting to take as many naps as possible.

The newsletter this week is 90% about kids and money. It’s on the brain this week and I had some great articles that I wanted to share. Plus, The Everymom launched this week (an off-shoot from The Everygirl) and I’m thrilled to be providing the financial content for new moms. But don’t worry, it won’t be a kid-fest every week. It’s just a quick diversion in our regularly scheduled programming.


What is a 529? When Jordan and I were prepping to become parents, I feel like I got a Ph.D. in college savings. This felt needlessly complicated, probably because I was worried about making the wrong choice. But after my deep dive into the research, I wanted to share everything that I learned. I break down the basics of a 529 in this short video, including what you should look for, why it’s important, and how much you’ll want to save.

Why we chose the NV 529. Going along with the theme of learning what a 529 is, I’m also breaking down the plan we chose and how much we’ve decided to save. It’s a really personal choice for any parent, but I hope that by being totally honest with our process and decisions it helps you make the best choice for you.

And just one more. Apparently, this was college savings week and the first article that I wrote for The Everymom was everything you need to know about a 529.

Make Me Smart: smart-ish reads from around the internet

Is college actually worth it? One big question Jordan and I haven’t been able to answer is will college actually be worth it by the time our kid turns 18? With costs rising and the ability to actually learn so much without getting a degree, it does make me wonder if that’s going to be the best use of funds in the year 2036. To add to our question about how useful college will be in the future, Marie Claire profiled the female college dropouts of silicon valley. This super interesting piece makes me question all of the life choices I made at 19.

Finally. Realistic birth announcements. A favorite from the list: “I am so proud to announce that, early this morning, Jada gave birth to a healthy little boy. And we know that every new parent thinks this, but we honestly believed he would be cuter.”

How to raise a feminist son. Last year the New York Times published an article about raising boys who believe in the full equality of men and women. Some people hated it. I loved it. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s an interesting look at what needs to change in order for the next generation to have even more equality.

Work culture can make all the difference. I struggled with the last company that I worked with – the culture was the worst fit. Even if they had doubled my salary, I coulnd’t have lasted one more day with the company. While I think that culture and fit should always be at the top of the list when you’re evaluating a job, Career Contessa is giving advice specifically to help you find a company culture that embraces motherhood.

Make It Good:

Catching more zzzzzz’s. For most of my life I’ve prided myself as a champion sleeper. Last year after a red eye I was complimented by the person across the aisle for being the best plane sleeper they’ve ever seen. Yes, I was proud. But lately that’s changed. If I can’t break this phone addiction, there’s a chance one of these blankets might be on my wish list soon.

“I’m just trying to be successful enough to give my dog the backyard she deserves.”

– Candice Patton


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