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Recent posts.

Simple Tools We Use to Organize our 21 Accounts

I’ve received a lot of questions recently about how we organize our money and all the different bank, investment, credit card accounts we have. I’m kind of flattered that people assume I’m organized. But to be totally truthful, I am the most disorganized organized...

Don’t Set Financial Goals. Do This Instead.

I was listening to a podcast a few years ago and the host asked listeners to “reflect on your financial goals. What are they?” Maybe I was in a particularly grumpy mood that day but the snarky response in my head was, “to have enough money. Ugh, I hate that question.”...

Books To Read In 2018 To Change Your Money And Your Life

You guys. I am beyond excited to share my reading list for 2018 (and hopefully have you join in). Every year I make the vague resolve to read more. Then halfway through the year, I realize I’ve only picked up a handful of books, most of which constitute beach reads....

Our 2018 Goals

Every year I make resolutions or set goals in January. But to be honest, I have a 50/50 success rate. There have been a few years that I’ve absolutely stuck to what I’ve said I want to do (like that year I gave up bottled water). And then there are others where I’ve...

The Best Way to Invest Money for the Short and Mid-Term

Let’s be honest: saving for an emergency fund or for retirement can be a bit, well, boring. Maybe you don’t think so but I’m totally unenthused by those two (very important) things. But the short-term and mid-term goals? That’s where I think the fun is. Maybe it’s...

Combining Finances: How We Share Our Money

Years ago I was out with a friend. We were having lunch and popping into some cute boutiques in San Francisco. She found a dress that she absolutely loved and wanted to get it for a wedding that summer. Rather than making the decision herself, she called and asked her...

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