make, save, and invest money to design a life you love


make, save, and invest money to design a life you love

Get the big things you want in life.

Ditch the guilt and learn how to build the right foundation to use money as a tool to live a life you love. Grab my FREE 5-day training to stop setting someday goals and start making more, spending smarter, and getting the things that you really want in life.

You have bigger things to do in life.

Don’t let money be the reason you don’t do them.

Make more.

Negotiate for what you deserve, invest wisely, and start that side hustle. Don’t just save more, make more.

Spend Smarter.

Mindfully spend on the things that make you happy while making smart decisions about things that give you a strong financial footing.

Live bigger.

Rather than seeing money as an obstacle to your best life, use it as the tool to help you get there. What do you really want?

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Investing for Beginners: 2 Questions To Ask

When Jordan and I were saving to buy a house, we couldn’t agree on where to keep the money we were slowly stashing away. Do we keep it in savings? Do we invest it? We couldn’t come to an agreement because though we are both equally knowledgeable, we view...

How We Easily Doubled Our Savings While Living More

It’s no secret that I don’t adhere to tracking a strict budget. I know. I’m the black sheep of the personal finance world. I understand that tracking daily, weekly, or monthly is what really works for some people and I have nothing against it. But I swear,...

Investing For Beginners: A Stupid Mistake Cost Us $16K

My first real introduction to investing was back at the end of 2008. It was a big year. The real estate market was crashing. The world was in a financial meltdown. And I was a cheeky 20-something who decided it seemed like the perfect time to make a quick...

Side Hustle Ideas That Actually Help Your Career

One of the things that really gets me riled up is looking at articles that claim to have great ideas for side hustles for women. The article is usually accompanied by a horrible stock image of a woman holding a baby while balancing a laptop. And the suggestions...

An Alternative Holiday Gift Guide

  Once Halloween has gone, it’s a free pass for the internet to start advertising holiday gift guides and black Friday sales. Honestly, sometimes I get a little gift fatigue before the Thanksgiving turkey is slid into the oven. A few years ago I realized that there...

How Many Savings Accounts Should I Have?

A few years ago I was at a friend’s going away party and she pulled me over to meet her mom. When she introduced me, her mom instantly replied, “Oh you’re the one who helped Lauren set up all of her savings accounts!” Errr….I guess so? Is that really how I want to be...

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