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Recent posts.

The 5 Mindsets That Are Sabotaging Your Money

I remember graduating from college as a smug 21-year-old Economics major. My thoughts about money didn’t run deep. Money is simple! Seriously, how could people mess this up? My first few articles about personal finance years ago were equally as condescending. Luckily...

Why I Paid Off My Student Loan Debt

During the last few weeks of business school, every single person in my graduating class had to meet in our auditorium. No, this wasn’t a fun talk by Coach K (Duke’s famous basketball coach that gave talks often and always packed the house). It was a seminar on our...

February Financial Goals Update

I love goals, but I’ve never been the best at keeping them. So in an effort to stay on track and help anyone else who is trying to stay accountable to theirs, I thought I’d share a monthly update here. You can find the New Year’s goals post that details everything...

Ask Erica: February Reader Questions

One of my favorite things about this community that we’re building is how open people are to asking questions and considering different solutions for their money. It’s so refreshing to have honest conversations within a safe judgement-free space! As I keep getting...

Forbes Series: How I Negotiated An Extra $10K With One Phone Call

Title: Engineer, Financial Services Location: New York, NY Original Fee: $80k Negotiated Fee: $90k My mom taught me from a young age that you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate for. What was the situation when you decided to negotiate...

Should You Pay Off Debt, Save, or Invest? Here’s How To Decide.

Do I pay off debt? Do I invest? Or, wait. Should I build that emergency savings first? One of the great things about life is that we have choices. Lots and lot of choices. But those choices can also become a little overwhelming. Because with all of the choices in...

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