Like I mentioned last week, I’ve received so many emails about money and happiness recently. The questions have been varied, but they all came down to this: how do you balance money and happiness?

I was excited to write an article about that this week. It sounded easy! There’s been so much written about this already. Like the study that says making more than $75k per year won’t make you any happier. Or the other one that says spending on experiences and and on other people makes you happier than buying things. Or wait, you should spend money to get more time back because that’s what studies say will make you happiest.

But I seriously struggled with this topic. Which one of these is truer than the other? Doesn’t this idea look so different for everyone?

As I wrote and rewrote an outline, I came across the simple idea of life-planning while you financial plan. It makes complete sense and you probably already kind of do it. But I hadn’t realized that there was a system and name put to the process. As I researched more and wrote this week’s article, I decided that it’s time to make a life plan to go along with our financial plan.

So as we head into the long weekend here in the UK I’m excited to spend some time putting this plan into writing. It sounds like the perfect pub day activity, right?


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Dear Jordan, Please stop should-ing your way through life. xoxo, Your money. Are you doing things because you think you should be doing them? Or because you want to do them? Last year Jordan and I had a moment of serious should-ing. And had we done it our life would look very different right now. If you’re should-ing (“I should take that job” “I should buy a house” “I should _______”), this article is for you. Think about a life plan and a financial plan and ditch the shoulds.

So, what’s your sign? And other important things you should talk about with your SO. I was fortunate to meet money expert and founder of Money Savvy Generation last month when I interviewed her for The Everymom. Because I loved her advice so much, she offered to join me on a Q&A post on The Worth Project. Topic? Relationships and money. Have questions? You can ask anything – from when (and how) to talk about money with someone you’re dating to different strategies for financial coupling. Hit reply with your question and Susan and I will help you navigate any tricky territory.

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

You vs. Future You. I don’t know about you but I think it can be kind of hard to strike a balance between doing something good for today’s you and doing something good for future you. Do we save money or do we book a trip to the Christmas markets in Sweden while we’re living a quick 2 hour flight away? That’s why I love this article from one of my favorite sites: Wait, Buy Why? The author breaks down your life in weeks (in the least depressing way possible) and then gives you a framework to try to reach goals while still enjoying your life.

Living that good life. I love Coursera and now there’s a reason to love it even more. Yale’s Happiness Course (real title: The Science of Well Being) is available to view, Ivy League tuition not included. Learn about the things that will really make you happy, like strategies to help you pick a meaningful career and build better habits. I’ll be auditing this course (taking it for free) when it starts on September 3rd. Join me?

Do you hygge? A couple years ago Jordan and I spent a week in Bhutan – a country that measures gross domestic happiness rather than gross domestic product (GDP). People seemed reasonably happy, especially when compared to their neighboring countries, but they rank #97 on the World Happiness Report. The happiest places on earth? Head to Scandinavia. This article walks you through a typical weekend in Denmark, the third happiest country and home of Hygge. Read it for inspiration to bring a little more happiness into your weekend plans.

Make It Good

because life is about more than money

Does happiness come wrapped in chocolate? I’m betting on it. This weekend we’re having friends over for a Sunday roast (a very British tradition) and countryside walk to the pub (also very British). But here’s what I’m most excited about: topping off our meal with these dulce de leche banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

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