No matter how functional a relationship, I think there will always be some money road bumps. These don’t have to be big things, but we’re all different people and probably won’t agree 100% of the time.

Jordan and I are pretty much on the same page, except when it comes to risk. I like to be over-insured just in case. Jordan likes to go as bare bones as he can on insurance because what’s the worst that can happen?

So we’ve always had this weirdness around pet insurance.

Two and a half years ago, we fell in love with a little Jack Russell Terrier named Hattie (I mean seriously, how British). She had been a stray and was the sweetest, most nervous little dog we’d ever seen. There’s no doubt about it, Hattie is a quirky dog, but she’s become a very important member of our family.

The shelter gave us pet insurance free for one month, and we debated keeping it after that. Naturally, I wanted to keep it because I want to protect our little pup. Jordan would grumble every few months and suggest that maybe it was time to cancel the expensive policy.

Then last Saturday we were out on a walk when a massive dog decided Hattie would make a good breakfast. Seriously, I can’t understate how chaotic the scene was. This dog grabbed Hattie in the abdomen and sunk his teeth in. Jordan somehow managed to get on the dogs back and get his hands in the back of the dog’s jaw. Eventually, the dog dropped Hattie and without missing a beat we scooped her up and ran her to the vet.

The last thing on my mind was money.

She had two surgeries and around the clock care and has come home with a vet bill over $2,000. And we’re still not quite done yet. Woof.

Luckily, we are only going to be out $200 and insurance is going to pick up the rest.

Now that the dust has settled, I’m struggling: Is it too soon to say “I told you so?” Or does he get a pass here since he wrestled Hattie from the jaws of death


we’ve got you covered

Life, planned? Last week I shared a recording that Jordan and I made about our financial life planning process. We’re clearly not professional podcasters and it may have shown. But I did get to chat with a real, professional podcaster (and friend) Jess Lively about the experience of financial life planning. In this podcast, I talk about the basics of financial life planning and how Jordan and I took our dreams and goals and put them down on a spreadsheet.

PS: if you’re interested in creating your own financial plan, I’ll be going more into that in the next few weeks. Spreadsheet and online tools included.

I’m certainly chatty. Another day, another podcast. I was also on the She Reaches podcast this week talking about…MONEY. Because we’re all pressed for time, let’s talk about the small things we can do to keep us on top of our cash.

Well, that was easy. My friend Heather wrote an amazing guest post about the ridiculously easy budgeting trick she and her husband use. And yes, it works even if you’re allergic to budgets. Not only that, she includes some real details about how she changed her mindset about money. Because most of your money battle is actually in your head.

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

He put money back in your pocket. In college I read A Random Walk Down Wall Street and have been a loyal Vanguard index fund investor ever since. Jack Bogle, the man who founded Vanguard and created the index fund died this week. And though there’s a lot being written about how he revolutionized the industry by offering low-cost index funds and saving people billions of dollars in fees, I found this article to be particularly heartwarming. He died with an $80 million fortune. Yes, that’s a lot for most people. But for the founder of a company like Vanguard, that’s a fraction of what it could have been. He chose to keep fees low and spread the wealth. And, as we’re in the midst of a semi-wobbly stock market, keep his quote in mind: “Time is your friend. Impulse is your enemy.”

PS: index fund…what? Read this.

The only time I’ve ever been ahead of the trend. A few years ago I used Marie Kondo’s method to de-clutter my whole house, and in the process, my life. It’s the first time Jordan and I started thinking about the idea of living with less stuff. While I know everyone is now contemplating cleaning out their life and reducing how much stuff they buy I love that this blogger is (honestly) documenting her experience.

Make It Good

because life is more than money

Find something that makes you smile and do it daily. You may have already seen this, but I’ve watched it so many times and had to share. I don’t know what I love more: how much fun Katelyn Ohashi is having during her perfect 10.0-floor routine, or how much fun her team is having cheering her on. But there’s more behind the viral video. In this video Katelyn shares the stress and body image issues that she struggled with, and why she quit elite gymnastics. And how she changed her goal to find love and joy with the sport again.


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