I received a message on Instagram a few weeks ago from a reader and I’m kind of in awe of her. She read one of the articles on The Worth Project and immediately took action, cutting and negotiating every one of her monthly bills: bank account, internet, credit card, cell phone, insurance…and the list goes on.

The total amount she saved? $565 per month.

I was simultaneously impressed by her quick action, and embarrassed by my own neglect. Sure I’ve negotiated my bills before, including my rent, but I’ve gotten a little lazy recently. That new customer internet rate that I signed up for ended in January and we’ve been paying a lot more ever since. Like double. My cell phone contract is up and I should call and roll it into a new, more efficient plan. And I could call our insurers to see if there’s a better rate.

Getting her note was a swift kick in the pants reminder that I need to practice what I preach. There’s no way I’m going to sit down and negotiate all of my bills this weekend (um hello, I have some royal wedding celebrating to do) but my goal is to do one. Just one.

Ready to do the same? Read the article for this week, pick one thing – anything – and negotiate a better rate.


My $1,900 mistake – and save. I remember the first time I learned that things in life other than your salary are negotiable. I called to cancel cable (this was before all the cool kids were cutting the cord) and somehow ended up with months of free cable plus a reduced internet bill. Which I still canceled once the free months were up. On The Worth Project, I break down the strategies I’ve used to negotiate, well, a lot. A $1,900 expired airline voucher, my rent, pretty much all of our monthly bills and fees. And seriously, it’s much easier than you think. [read time: 9 minutes]

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The money shot. Glamour magazine’s May issue is The Money Issue, with stories and stats dedicated to the state of money for the average American woman. In their survey of 1,000 women, they found that 41% feel financially independent (go, you!), but only 15% own stocks (womp, womp). Read the link above for even more stats.

And I’m bringing up an old, but good article from The Worth Project: if you’re totally confused about investing, read this quick pocket guide to start feeling smarter immediately [read time: 11 (really important) minutes]

The f-it fund. A few years ago when I needed to leave a job that wasn’t a good fit (which is an understatement), I learned the importance of the f-it fund. I, apparently, am not the only one who feels this way. In this viral essay, this author describes her need for an F*ck-off fund, and what she did with it. [read time: 2 minutes]

I do. I’m not going to lie, I’ve caught royal wedding fever. As an American living in London, I am absolutely loving all of the decorations, parties, and festivities that are surrounding the royal wedding. Jordan and I actually debated going to Windsor to try and get a glimpse of the event in person. Instead, we’re settling for a viewing party in London. As expensive as weddings are, this one is going to take the lemon buttercream cake. From gold ink on the invites to an eight-figure security detail, here’s a look at what some of the wedding is estimated to cost. [read time: 5 minutes].

And more details on how this romance came about and the wedding traditions, if you have wedding fever. [listen time: 17 minutes]

Plus, I’m going in search of all of the best wedding parties in London tomorrow. If you want to follow along with the festivities and see all of the decorations, festivities, and general British enthusiasm (ha), I’ll be sharing it all on my Instagram stories.

Can I get a do-over? Last week I shared that the movie Dream Girl, a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs was released on Youtube. But I forgot to include the link. Sigh. If you’re looking for your Friday night plans, here is the link. [time 1 hour, 2 minutes]

“He is a feminist too.”

Meghan Markle, speaking about Prince Harry


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