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Hi there.

I’m Erica and I want to change how we think, talk about, and use our money.

I created The Worth Project because I saw a real need for a different sort of financial advice. A site that didn’t focus on frugal joys, DIYs, and clipping coupons all day.

One that instead focused on simple advice to help smart women (and some great guys) live their best lives.

When I went looking for help, the information I found fell into one of two camps:

  1. Budget, follow some rules, and someday when you’re old your future self will be happy.


2. Never buy a pair of shoes, live on a shoestring, and retire early so you can finally be happy – the extreme approach.

But neither fit with me. I wanted something more. I wanted:

  • Not just a set of rules, but an approach that would help me figure out how I wanted to live.
  • A place where I could get information along with inspiration, which is equally as important.
  • To know I could have a life I love today, tomorrow, and in 2060.

I soon realized that the solution to this problem isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’s simple:

What if we didn’t think of it as another thing to cross off your do-do list? What if we started to think about money as a way to do more and get more out of our life? To live your biggest and best life. Today, tomorrow, and in 2060.

Rather than giving you a dry set of financial rules, this site gives you a framework to take control of your money by using psychology combined with practical, relatable, shame-free money advice.

Money is a tool.  By itself, it isn’t that exciting. But when you get it figured out, the rest of your life can be.

Spend smarter and make more to live bigger.

Spend smarter.

Mind the gap between what you earn and what you spend. Here are a few select articles to help you get started:

The most important savings account you should have (and how many do you actually need?)

Get organized: how we organize our 21 accounts

The habit that helped us double our savings rate, easily

Combining finances: how we share our money

The no budget, budget

Make more.

Because saving isn’t always enough, negotiate for what you deserve, invest wisely, and start that side hustle. Some select articles to help you get started:

My $16k investing mistake (and an easy explanation of an Index Fund)

Ready to invest? Here’s the pocket guide to everything you need to know

Should you payoff debt, save, or invest? Here’s how to decide.

When should you ask for a raise?

The exact steps I took to start my side hustle

Live Bigger.

See money as a tool – rather than an obstacle – to get the life you want.

Don’t set financial goals. Do this instead.

5 mindsets that are sabotaging your money.

Our 2018 goals

Why I paid off my student debt

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About Erica

I’m a financial writer, educator, and creator of The Worth Project. You’ll find my work in various places around the internet including Forbes, The Everygirl, Money, Business Insider, DailyWorth, and more.

Prior to this, I earned my financial stripes working as a CPA for PwC, in marketing at P&G, and as a freelance marketing consultant. I studied economics at UC Santa Barbara and received my MBA from Duke University, where I took my first behavioral economics class and realized there was more to money than just numbers.

I also run a content and digital marketing consulting company for personal finance professionals and companies aptly named The Worth Project Consulting.

I’m originally from California but I’ve spent the last 4 years living in London and exploring Europe with my husband Jordan, my baby boy Henry, and my rescue pup Hattie.

Erica Gellerman Personal Finance Newsletter

The Worth Project Believes…

  1. In your unique approach. We provide the best possible unbiased information, so you can make the right choices for your situation, your goals, and your dream life.
  2. Shame never works. So you won’t find any shame-filled, condescending content here. If you do, call us out.
  3. Light doesn’t mean dumbed down. Our content may feel lighter than reading your finance textbook, but the information is just as strong.
  4. That money is more than the numbers. It’s your life. Being in control of it is how you live a great life full of options and opportunity.
  5. In transparency. We share the good, the bad, and the ugly from our money lives. And I put my money where my mouth is and only suggest things that I’ve actually used.
  6. In community. Hearing others stories and being inspired by what they’ve done makes learning about money that much better. We believe in (over) sharing.

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

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Every Friday we bring you a roundup of the most interesting stories, things to learn, and ways to be smart with your money. Sent straight to your inbox.

You're almost in - just head over to your email to confirm and then you're on the list!

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