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Guys, we are in the home stretch of our life in London. Five and a half glorious years are coming to a close, but not without crossing off a few more UK Bucket List items. In episode 17, we talked about our strategies to not go broke when we travel. One strategy we use is to go where everyone isn’t. This summer, everyone is at the beach and rental homes were absurdly priced.

Where was everyone not? Glamping in Somerset.

We got a steal of a deal on a three-bedroom tent and spent the weekend riding a classic steam train. We had a blast.


Multiple income streams and why you need them in your life

As we share more about our move  with family and friends one of the first questions is, “so are you just going to be living off savings for a little while?” (Refresher: Jordan is leaving his job, we’re selling 90% of our belongings, and moving to Hawaii). This would’ve been our reality a few years ago, but over the past year, we’ve worked on building multiple streams of income. These streams of income are the safety net we’ve built for our little family to be able to pick up and take an adventure, while still being financially responsible.

And this isn’t an idea we’ve come up with. Surveys show that millionaires and the wealthiest individuals depend less on a paycheck and more on different streams of income. I lay out all of the data PLUS our income streams in this article. After watching my mom get laid off and rebuild her career, I realized that just depending on one stream of income was a risky proposition.

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