I spent this week enjoying the sun in San Sebastian, Spain. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and it’s my fifth time visiting this beautiful beachside city. The last time I was here was 3 years ago and life looked a little different – and not just because I now have a four-month-old in tow.

Three years ago I had just left a job I hated because I was completely burnt out. I’d wake up early, stressed about what to do next and worry about my lack of income (hi, student loan debt).

This year was completely different. The bags under my eyes are larger than the bags I packed to bring here (thanks, baby Henry). But my work and money are different too. I’m not worried about what I’m going to do next with my career and my student loans are completely paid. After Henry went to bed last night I spent a few hours wrapping up a project for a new client. And this morning I woke up to a new email from a prospective new client.

The change clearly didn’t happen overnight – and there have been some bumps along the way. But if you’re struggling to have the career you want, the income you want, or the financial security you want, let me remind you that it’s all possible.


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A complete shift. The next interview in the Money Talks series is one that I’m incredibly excited to share. When Laura contacted me with her story I instantly related to it: the feeling of being burnt out by a career, not understanding the difference between living to work and working to live, and tying up too much of one’s identity in a career. Laura’s story includes choices she made after being laid off when her son was 1, how she started to break the idea of money scarcity, and how she learned to look at her expenses both in terms of time and money. Her perspective on how to balance a career, money, and motherhood is something I know I’ll consistently remind myself of.

“Centric to anything good is an awareness of your own worth. Not knowing your worth means forfeiting your possibilities. All the resources and opportunity one needs are out there to realize an idea, whatever it is. The mind and heart just have to be open enough to identify and create space for them.” Read it here.

It’s more than numbers. The Eveymom asked me to write an article about preparing financially to be a stay at home mom. I didn’t think there would be much to write about other than making sure you can survive off one income. I was wrong. If you’re considering being a stay at home parent – whether by choice or necessity – read this. There’s a lot more than a budget that you need to consider.

Favorite app? I’m constantly asked what my favorite money management apps are and I always default to my favorites: Personal Capital* and Qapital. But I’m ready to try more. Hit reply and tell me your favorite app for money. Jordan and I will spend the next few weeks trying them out and writing reviews.

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The world is your office. One of the biggest reasons I started freelancing was because I needed to work in a location independent job. When we moved to London it was really difficult to find a job that would value my education and corporate experience from the US. With some of my job options, I was looking at a 50% pay cut, which was upsetting. I jumped into self-employment and didn’t look back. But self-employment isn’t the only way to nab a work-from-home (or anywhere in the world) job. The Everygirl breaks down the best industries and jobs for remote work and how to go about finding them.

And once you make the work from home jump, it’s even more important and more difficult to establish a network. Here’s how to make friends at the office when you work from home.

The gig economy isn’t dead. One of my favorite mantras is: “you’ll always find a way.” I write a newsletter about money and, well, I still deal with money stress just like everyone else. I worry that my client list will dwindle. That you will stop reading this newsletter (thank YOU for reading). Or that I won’t be able to find a job. When I head down that path, I remind myself of that mantra. Apparently, so did this former teacher. There’s a lot going on here with this short story, but it’s a profile of a former teacher who started a side hustle and now makes six figures thanks to the gig economy. You will always find a way.

Far from generic. I hate those articles full of generic career tips that you can find anywhere. This is not one of those. It’s a compilation of very thoughtful career tips from the Cup of Jo community. My favorite? Embrace a different story. And just so you know you’re not alone – hilarious mistakes women have made at work.

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Espresso in your morning feel-good drink? Sign me up. After a week of sun, sand, and sangria, I’m making these smoothies every morning next week.

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Erica Gellerman is a CPA, MBA, personal finance writer, and founder of The Worth Project: a weekly money newsletter you actually want to read. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Money, Business Insider, The Everygirl, The Everymom, and Lifehacker. When she's not writing about personal finance you can find Erica exploring Europe from her temporary home base in London.

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