My attitude of gratitude has continued into this week and I’m feeling so ready for the rainy weekend that the UK has in store. Lots of fires, comfort food, and hanging out at home are topping my to-do list for the weekend.

You might remember that survey that I sent out at the end of 2018 asking about your goals and why you read this newsletter. I’ve known that there are some changes that I’ve wanted to make, but your survey responses gave me a little kick in the pants to get that done. I’m carving out time over the next two weeks to better organize content on the site and fill in some gaps, so you can find what you need when you need it.

And, what I’m most excited about, is Jordan and I are working on a little creative endeavor that I can’t wait to share. My goal is always to provide you with the best value content I can, and this new project will — I hope — deliver on that goal.

Because I know my limits and I’m going to need every hour possible to finish these two projects, I won’t be popping into your inbox for the next two Fridays. But stick with me and I hope that you’ll be as excited about the changes as I am.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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Adulting items. After having a baby there were a few other things that Jordan and I needed to sort out last year. Chief among them? Life insurance. I’ve shared a bit about this in the past, but this week I’m sharing why we went with Ladder Life insurance as well as 4 other non-life insurance decisions we needed to make.

In full disclosure, after we got our policy I reached out to them so enthusiastic about their product and asked to help write some of their financial content (I’m a writer, after all). After writing a few fun posts for them, they asked to partner with me on a post for The Worth Project. I’ve never taken on an advertiser and I don’t plan to make this a regular thing, but I wrote this piece in partnership with them: The 5 Most Important Decision We Made After Having A Baby.

And separately, I wrote a full review of their services that was #notsponsored.

Henry, Henry, Henry. Apparently, this is Henry week over here. Who am I kidding? This kid rules our house. This post isn’t a deep money post, but it’s a fun (free) way Jordan and I are capturing the memories as he gets older.

Cleaning house. Last week I said that I was going to clean up my financial house and make a list of all recurring bills and automatic transactions we make. I did and it was great. It actually helped me catch some rogue transactions that saved ~ $25. I also started writing down every single thing that I spent money on, as sort of a money journal, and oh my. It was great to have an extra moment to think about what I was spending on. I don’t know if it actually made me forgo any purchases but it’s made me a little more intentional in the spending moment. I’m planning to continue this for the rest of the month. Join me?

Love, love, love. Valentine’s day is next week and whether you celebrate with friends or your significant other, this event can often leave you feeling a bit pinched financially. I’m not super into a big v-day dinner, so Jordan and I try to mix it up. This year we’re celebrating a few days late with a visit to the Tate Modern and dumplings in China Town. Need some ideas that don’t break the bank? Here are 20 date night ideas perfect for staying in, going out, celebrating with your SO or your friends.

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What’s the best savings account? Last week I received a few questions asking who Jordan and I use for our savings account. We used to use CapitalOne 360 (formerly ING), but we now use CIT Bank thanks to their current offer of 2.45% APY. We also stash some of our cash in short-term treasury bonds that do a little better than that. While we use CIT, that won’t necessarily be the best for you. In the market for a new bank? This article gives some great suggestions (especially when you scroll through the comments). There is so much competition out there for your money—don’t stick with a subpar bank when there are much better options.

Free yourself from fees. Since we’re talking about the “best of” if you’re shopping around for the best place for investments, here’s a list of the lowest cost index funds in the US. Fees matter.

She’s on the money. Recently I’ve become a little addicted to the Q&A episodes of Jill on Money. I don’t know if it’s because I love hearing other people’s approach to money or if I love her thoughtful and straightforward answers. She goes deep into your details. She’s good. They’re all good, but I especially loved this one on whether a couple should sell their home and time the market. 

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Sail away. Planning a summer vacation? The NY Times 52 places to visit in 2019 has some ideas for you.

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A guide to help you embrace freedom, overcome overwhelm, and live a life that’s better than fine.

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10 Passive Income Ideas

One of the best things you can do for your money is to create multiple income streams. Creating multiple income streams can give you a safety net in case you lose your job. Or, in our case, it’s giving us the security we need to sell everything we own, move around the...

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Creating your Plan B with multiple streams of income

Here’s the story I had been told from childhood: go to college, get a good job, work hard, save money, retire and live off saved money. Simple enough, right? Jordan and I both climbed the corporate ladder and saved our pennies, assuming that this story would hold true...

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Every Friday we bring you a roundup of the most interesting stories, things to learn, and ways to be smart with your money. Sent straight to your inbox.

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