It’s been a minute since I popped into your inbox, but I am back. And, man, it feels good.

I spent the last few weeks working on a fun project that I’m excited to share (next week?) and making updates to the website which will hopefully make things easier to find. It’s not done yet but I think it’s much better.

I also spent the last few weeks getting back into the swing of things with my consulting business. It was on the back burner last year while I tried to find my footing with having a baby. But I’m back with new clients and new partnerships and it feels so good.

Most excitingly, though, is that I’ve had Jordan home to work with me. He’s been on parental leave for the past two weeks and has fully embraced his role in our consulting business. This is exciting: he finally has a side-hustle.

Working together has been 95% great, but we’ve definitely had to learn how to communicate with each other in a new way. It’s a…work in progress. But it’s safe to say, so far he’s my favorite co-worker. Plus, we played hooky two sunny afternoons this week to picnic by our town’s castle.

Yes, our town has a castle. And yes, that was a humble brag.

Have a great weekend!


we’ve got you covered

New Year, new(ish) website. It’s not totally finished, but it’s hopefully easier to find things you’re looking for. Plus, a few new articles including:

  • A review of the writing course I took that got me started freelance writing during my maternity leave. Spoiler: it was great
  • Should you buy or lease a car? I had that question when I needed to buy a car after business school. Here’s the math and what I decided.
  • The unexpected costs of homeownership (or it should be more appropriately titled, how we blew through $30k in two years)
  • The complete home buying process (because it’s hard to find a helpful timeline anywhere)

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

Did your parents buy that for you? Have you ever wondered “How can they afford that?” I sure have. Like, daily. Harper’s Bazaar examines this feeling. Why does everyone have more money than you? It’s the myth of self-made success.

Acknowledge the tailwind. Warren Buffett released his annual shareholder letter, which always makes the financial world giddy. While the whole thing is actually super interesting (I swear), I loved his description of American Tailwind. It’s the idea that none of us are really self-made. We’ve had the good fortune of living in a prosperous time. And while watching or reading the news can make investing scary (really scary), he offers this perspective: he started investing in 1942 with $114. If he had invested in the S&P 500, that money would be worth over $606,000 today. If he had been listening to doom and gloom reports, he may have put his money in gold, where it would be worth a whopping $4,200 today. Don’t let fear bring you down.

He finishes by saying there are a number of countries in the world with bright futures.

“We should rejoice: Americans will be both more prosperous and safer if all nations thrive.”

Childcare is an investment. This morning Jordan and I had to pay our childcare bills: Henry’s nanny and his nursery (which is just the fancy, British way of saying daycare). As any parent knows, full-time childcare is expensive. Last month I depressingly calculated how many days into February I had to work before I covered the cost of childcare, and you know, actually managed to start saving some of that money I earned. But this article in Refinery 29 has it right: childcare is an investment. And while I hate how much it costs I’m thankful that I can make that investment. Read the 10 principles Farnoosh Torabi lives by to be a (very) successful working mom.

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Every Friday we bring you a roundup of the most interesting stories, things to learn, and ways to be smart with your money. Sent straight to your inbox.

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