I feel like this time period between Thanksgiving and New Years is kind of weird. I’m either going 100 mph trying to finish things up for the year or I’m moving at a snail’s pace indulging in all of the holiday cheer.

This year I’m trying to take a bit more of a balanced approach to my December ambition (or lack thereof). Rather than using this last month as a time to cross some of the things off my to-do list that I swore I’d accomplish this year, I’m scrapping most of that to-do list. Most clients that I work with are semi-checked out by mid-December. If I try to get anything done, I usually get the response that we should, “revisit it after the holidays.”

Instead, I’m taking this next month to learn. I have enrolled in a (free) Coursera course. I downloaded a guide to learn how to use my camera better. And I have a stack of mostly non-fiction books that I’m really excited to read.

Favor: I’m also looking for new podcasts. Do you have any podcasts that you listen to and love?

And of course, there will also be a lot of celebrating. We put up our (tiny) Christmas tree last week, which Henry is already fascinated by. We’ve baked cookies. And we’re heading to the Natural History Museum tomorrow to go skating. (need ideas for Christmas activities? Check out Not a Holiday Gift Guide: Activities and Events, and Experiences and Meals.

Have a fantastic weekend.


we’ve got you covered

Speaking of a to-do list. Ok there are just a few things that you probably should do before auld lang syne is sung. (btw, these are the lyrics. I’ve sung 0% of these words right over the years.) This week I broke down 7 money things you should probably do before the end of the year. Luckily, they’re all pretty easy so take the time to not let them slide.

Is it scary or is it dangerous? Last week I shared how a bad work situation ended up to be something I’m truly grateful for. It led me to where I am now. But it wasn’t without making some scary decisions along the way. I’m sharing the best advice I’ve heard to help you make the decision to go for something that you want.

Back on the therapy couch. Remember the Money Talks interview from last month? Lindsay, the financial therapist from Mind Money Balance is giving away one free 30 minute “unhelpful money stories” session. Get your money story figured out for 2019. Enter via her Instagram.

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

WWTBCD. Anything Ina Garten does makes me happy. How did she become THE Barefoot Contessa. This interview with Katie Couric is so inspiring. Her advice to someone who may be confused? Just do something.

She hustles. No surprise, but I find hearing about how people spend their money to be so interesting. In this video this woman walks us through how she earns, spends, and saves in NYC. Her goal: to retire at 40 and leave the hectic city life.

And completely opposite. This interview with a couple who is on the brink of bankruptcy. I was sucked in reading it with my jaw dropped because it’s such a real illustration of just how easily things can spiral out of control. This is full of lesson.

Make It Good

because life is about more than money

Stepping up my game. I’m fully ready to live in a place where it’s sunny year round, but that’s not our reality this year. It’s definitely very dark, stormy, and cold already in the UK and I’ve been combatting the gloom with an evening bath after Henry is asleep. A few weeks ago at a wellness retreat we made these bath melts and they have really stepped up my bath game. I’m 0% crafty but they were so easy, smell so good, and look so pretty sitting next to the tub.

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