For our first interview, we were thrilled to have George Kinder join us.

He has been named “One of the 35 most influential people in financial services,” and has been inducted into the Financial Planning Magazine Hall of Fame. Yep, there’s a financial planning hall of fame. And, he’s internationally recognized as the father of Life Planning. 

We wanted to interview George because we used his book and his website to change our life trajectory. His books and training are all about freedom — and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

For 30 years, he was a practicing financial planner and tax advisor where he developed and honed the methodology for sparking a passion for life within his clients. This passion leads them to live the life they want, now. As a financial planner, he then figures out how to make the money work.


On this podcast you’ll learn:


How he started his career feeling pretty lost with how to make a living:

“There was a saying ‘do what you love and the money will follow’ but no one would ever pay me for one of my poems and they wouldn’t pay me to meditate, so I had to find a way to make a living.”


How as a financial planner he delivers freedom to people’s lives:

“I felt trapped being a financial person in the early days…I wanted to be free of this. It’s the same thing for clients. We all want freedom in our lives.”


How more money isn’t always the answer:

“We think money will bring freedom but what we also don’t realize is that it can be a trap. We can get trapped in the rat-race of chasing after money and get lost.”


What people learn as they’re going through the process of life planning:

“What people realize is that they’re working hard for things that they don’t really want and wouldn’t really want if they could design their life from the get-go.”


And how you can start making progress on your own:

“Every day that we waste doing something that is not what we’re really passionate about is a loss to the world and to ourselves. It’s one of the saddest things in life”


If you’d like to learn more about life planning, you can visit his site Life Planning For You and get access to his 3 questions. You can also find his Life Planning For You book and his new book, a Golden Civilization on his website.


Photo by The Kinder Institute

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