I’m going to take you back, way back, to when Jordan and I were just baby-faced kids right out of college. We had just finished eating dinner at our favorite BYOB Indian restaurant, where our bill was never more than $15, no matter how much we ordered.

After splitting a bottle (or so) of wine, we were talking about what we each hoped to do in life, when Jordan proclaimed, “if you stick with me, I promise to always keep life exciting.”

Challenge accepted, J.

And we’ve done a pretty good job of that exciting life idea so far. We’ve traveled to some of the most remote countries in the world, forged our own, different career paths, and packed up and moved all across the US and then to London.

These changes have all happened because one of us has said, “I don’t like the way this is going, so why can’t we just do this other thing instead?”

We thought that this attitude was helping us challenge our status quo. Thought.

That is until we met this week’s podcast guests.

Talking with them has made us realize that we haven’t been questioning things that seem normal, standard, or given. Like the idea that if you live in a place with a high cost of living, you’re going to pay a lot for your home. If you had asked me a year ago if it was possible to live in a beautiful house in the bay area without paying an arm and a leg, I would’ve said absolutely not.

This is just how much it costs. Game over. There is no other way.

Only, there is. Bela and Spencer of Tiny Migrations joined us on our podcast this week and opened our eyes to a fresh way of thinking. Stuck in the Bay Area paying way too much in rent, they simply asked the question, “what if we took this $30k per year and spent it differently?”

Cut to Airbnb-ing, house sitting, spending maternity leave in a penthouse in Mexico, and eventually building a custom, obscenely gorgeous tiny home (seriously, look at these photos).

This episode reminded me that there are a lot of ways to live. Why not look at life as one big, beautiful experiment? Have a listen to this episode with Bela and Spencer. You won’t regret it.

I’m off to go enjoy the sunshine that has finally come to London…and the four day weekend! Have a great one.

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Shhhhhhh. In business school, starting salaries were a topic of conversation. We all openly shared our job offers, and it was in no way weird. When I started freelancing, I felt like I was navigating a complete unknown. People weren’t talking about rates and pay the same way we discussed them in business school. And I was lost. I finally started charging more when I found a network of people I could share prices with. They are my whisper network and they are crucial to me actually earning enough money for the work that I do. And they’re crucial for you as well. Here’s how a whisper network helped one woman add another $10k to her contract.

Get paid what you deserve. Imagine what a $5,000 boost to your salary looks like in 5 years. That’s approximately $30,000 more! What else could you do with $30k? After sharing one of Ramit Sethi’s articles last month, a Worth Project subscriber emailed saying she used his guide to boosting your salary to get multiple raises, adding thousands to her salary. I read it and guys, it’s good. Too good to not share. And honestly, I’m on his newsletter (me and 490,000 other people…ha!), and it’s good. It makes me want to step up my weekly email game. If you like his guide, sign up to get regular emails on earning more, creating new income streams, and living a Rich Life today.

After last week’s email about having the financial freedom to fire clients, someone sent me this article: 5 things to take from the FIRE movement, even if you’re not going to retire early. Lessons #1, 2, and 5 are exactly what I want in my life and are why Jordan and I started our Worth Project. We’re not going to retire early, but we want freedom, control, and life satisfaction. I mean, who doesn’t? Let’s just all go live our great life.


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