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I don’t like budgets, but I do love a good spending plan. Qapital was designed for people just like me. You can set savings goals (like a vacation) and create rules that help you reach that goal faster. For example, if you set a “spend less” rule of $20 per week at Starbucks, each week that you spend less than $20, the difference will be saved toward one of your goals. As a freelancer, I set a rule that each time I have a client payment come in, Qapital will immediately save money for taxes. Lifesaver. The savings feature has zero fees, which separates it from other apps.

Instead of making saving money a negative, depriving experience, Qapital actually makes it kind of fun (and easy). I’m also a fan of the app because one of my professors from business school is the company’s chief behavioral economist. And guys, he’s really smart.


Robo advising is all the rage right now, and there are a lot of options to choose from. I use Wealthfront for my retirement accounts (well, most of them) and our future child’s 529 account. They have low fees (0.25% + cost of the funds), they’re extremely easy to use, and so far their customer service has been incredibly helpful. Getting an account set up was quick and easy. The Chief Investment Officer is also the author of one of my favorite personal finance books, A Random Walk Down Wallstreet.


I’m a big fan of passive investing (ie: index funds & ETF’s. Read what an index fund is here) and have been using Vanguard for nearly a decade. It’s slightly geared toward a DIY investor, and we use it for any investment accounts outside of our retirement and 529 college fund. The fees are even lower (some of their funds get down to 0.04%), which means you keep more of the money you make. They also have great customer service and do offer the ability to speak to advisors, but I haven’t used that service.

Personal Capital

Like most people, I have money all over. Different checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, mortgages, a 529 account, etc. This made keeping track of everything a bit of a chore. A chore that I never did. Jordan and I use Personal Capital as a way to get an instant snapshot of our money. It’s a free tool that you can connect all of your bank and investment accounts to so you can check your balances by just logging in in one place.

Aside from keeping things organized, I love being able to easily see details using their investment analyzer tool (which will show you how much you pay in fees), and the retirement planning tool (which shows you whether you’re on track for retirement). They also have paid investment services, which I haven’t used. I currently just use the free account to keep everything organized and easy.


I had student loans. A lot of them. Over $100k from business school. One of the great things I did to help me pay them off in 3.5 years was to refinance. I used SoFi to refinance to a much lower rate, which decreased my monthly payments. If you don’t need to use federal loan protections (income-based repayment and loan forgiveness), you might be interested in refinancing. The process was incredibly easy and now that I’m debt-free, I obviously couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

*Some of these are affiliate links, but I do love and use all of these products. For more information, please see this disclosure.

Not Your Father's Negotiation Course

A simple framework to help you confidently ask for and get what you need.
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Did you know that negotiating your salary one time can add over a million dollars to your earnings over the course of your career?

That’s kind of a big deal. And so is the confidence you get from knowing that you can ask for and get what you want and need in your career.

Not Your Father’s Negotiation Course gives you the practical information you need in order to persuasively make that ask. We’re not talking negotiation theory that works in a classroom but not in an office. This is a simple framework that gives you the confidence to use your own voice and get what you need:


research. prep. ask.

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