Webinar: Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate (and design a career you love)

I’ve been in countless conversations with frustrated ladies who echoed the same rules: “I was told to get good grades, go to college, get a job, work hard and after that everything would be taken care of.”

Spoiler: that advice only gets you halfway there, at best.

The people doling out that advice unfortunately don’t tell you the rest of the story: once you get into that job, you (surprisingly) have more control that you think. And that control doesn’t come from head down, hard work. It comes from hard work and a strategy.

Next week we’ll unpack that strategy for those of you who:

  • Maybe have been working hard and doing a great job, but you know you’re capable of so. much. more.
  • Maybe enjoy the actual work that you do, but there are other things you wish you could change.
  • Or maybe are just not that into your actual roles and responsibilities, but you’re not quite sure what else you would want to do.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to design a job that you love without necessarily leaving the job that you have
  • How to sell your ideas, easily (and actually get people to listen)
  • How to create advocates who are invested in your career success
  • And how to do all of this without adding more to your already full plate (the struggle is real)

The webinar is happening Thursday, March 23 at 8 pm eastern (5 pm pacific).