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Get it together

Your money, that is. A simple solution to take your money from “wtf is this mess?” to “ah, money is simple.” Organize your money – easily. Organize your accounts, know what your financial picture is without having to remember 85 passwords, and finally feel like it’s all under control.

Grab the spreadsheet. Make it easy.

This guide includes:

  • Setting goals: a spreadsheet to help you break down those big dreams into numbers
  • Know the flow of your cash: with a list of automated transactions that you update annually
  • Get the full picture: how to get a snapshot of your money on any day, at any time.

The no-budget, budget

Love budgeting? Liar.

Set up an automated money system for people who hate budgeting. Because managing your money doesn’t need to take all day.

This guide includes:

  • An easy approach: how to direct your money where you want it to go and get on with your life
  • The habit of happiness: how to get the maximum happiness from each dollar that you spend
  • Set up your future: set up savings accounts that reflect your own future goals

Be a goal-getter

If money goals make you go “ugh” this is for you. An easy 5 step process to break down your goals into something you actually can and want to achieve.

This guide includes:

  • Dream big: learn how to create big goals, but not get burned out trying to achieve them.
  • Make a plan: one that you actually can and want to keep
  • Track your progress: watch yourself actually reach these goals

The negotiation guide

Let’s make asking for more, easy. Get started with my quick and easy negotiation guide. No sweaty palms. No stammering. Just easy, breezy conversation. That results in more money. In your pocket.

This guide includes:

  • Read and watch: an easy to read booklet and 3 short videos. Learning = fun.
  • 3 Part system: that breaks down exactly what you need to know to have a successful conversation
  • The one thing: The easiest tactic to up your negotiation game…that most people miss.

Got debt?

An easy guide to student loan refinancing that can help save you thousands.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Is refinancing right for you? Weigh the pros and cons with this guide
  • Be informed: Understand exactly what you’re getting into. Because the details are kind of important.
  • Get the right deal: Make sure you know what to look for when you shop around

Smart steps for your money

9 easy changes to your money that will boost your bottom line. No shame-filled, finger wagging here. And no need to have a PhD in financial jargon.

Plain and simple money information that you can implement today. So you can start using your money to live your best life.

This guide includes:

  • Choose 1 or 9: Every single solution can make a difference to your money. But just like pb&j, some things are better together
  • Unbiased recommendations: Tools I use and swear by (and have thoroughly researched) to help make this money thing easy
  • Easy actions: strapped for time? These easy actions can be implemented quickly, so you can get on with the rest of your day

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