Stress-free Negotiation Guide

so you can finally ask for – and get – the paycheck you deserve

Let’s make asking for more, easy.

“I don’t technically need more”
“They’ll just say no”
“I’ll look greedy”
“I might get it, but at what cost?”


Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.

Get started with my quick and easy negotiation guide. No sweaty palms. No stammering. Just easy, breezy conversation. That results in more money. In your pocket.

Read + Watch

An easy to read booklet and 3 videos

3 Part System

To walk you through how to research, prep, and ask.

The One Thing

The easiest tactic to up your negotiation game…that most people miss.

Make More

Being smart with your money isn’t just about saving more – it’s also about making more.

On the fence?

I get it. But let me lay out my street cred.

While money and negotiation might be boring, it’s kind of my thing. With a degree in econ, my CPA, and my MBA from Duke, I’ve always had a love of putting dollars into a good old spreadsheet. But what I didn’t love was the tone most people take with money. And how over-complicated simple concepts can become.

I’ve made my mistakes, and I share them so you can avoid the same traps. But I’ve also done some great things with my money: most importantly, I’ve learned how to use it as a tool to live a great life.

So let’s ditch the fear around negotiation and learn how to use it as a tool to live a great life.

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