Does your money feel like a mess?

a simple spreadsheet solution that’ll take you from “wtf is this mess?” to “ah, money is simple.”

Your money really doesn’t have to be that hard.

There are a lot of things in life that are hard:

  • getting the guy in the cube next to you to stop mansplaining things,
  • making it to your 6 am spin class,
  • and getting through airport security without TSA pre-check.

Money shouldn’t be hard.

Ready to get organized with all your accounts, know what your financial picture is without having to remember 85 passwords, and finally feel like it’s all under control? Grab the spreadsheet. Make it easy.

Set that goal

The spreadsheet breaks those big ideas down into numbers

Know the flow

Of your money. Every month. With a list of automated transactions, you update once a year.

Get the picture

A snapshot of your cash (and other money things). On any day. At any time.

Conscious coupling

If you do money with a SO, this will certainly help avoid financial frustration.

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No Budget Workbook The Worth Project

Managing your money doesn’t need to take all day.

This is a simple way to put your money on auto-pilot and create the ever so important habit of happiness when it comes to spending. This is easy – and good – and will leave you spending less than an hour each month thinking about your bank account.

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