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How We Easily Doubled Our Savings While Living More

It’s no secret that I don’t adhere to tracking a strict budget. I know. I’m the black sheep of the personal finance world. I understand that tracking daily, weekly, or monthly is what really works for some people and I have nothing against it. But I swear, I’ve tried...

An Alternative Holiday Gift Guide

Once Halloween has gone, it’s a free pass for the internet to start advertising holiday gift guides and black Friday sales. Honestly, sometimes I get a little gift fatigue before the Thanksgiving turkey is slid into the oven. A few years ago I realized that there...

How Many Savings Accounts Should I Have?

A few years ago I was at a friend’s going away party and she pulled me over to meet her mom. When she introduced me, her mom instantly replied, “Oh you’re the one who helped Lauren set up all of her savings accounts!” Errr….I guess so? Is that really how I want to be...

How To Spend Money Wisely

I’ve always had a hard time reading personal finance sites because I feel like 90% of the content doesn’t relate to me. Yes, I like money, but I hate budgeting and I don’t like focusing on cheap finds (though I’ll certainly take a deal when I find one). For a while, I...

A Budget For People Who Hate Budgeting

What do you do if you hate budgeting but know that you need to do something? Automate your spending and saving with a budget for people who hate budgeting.

Know Your (Net) Worth

I love money. I love talking about it, I love thinking about it, and I love looking at fictional budgets and scenarios. Thank goodness my husband is a patient man. This love of money should come as no surprise to most people: I write about personal finance, run a site...

Know Your Worth: What Do You Really Want?

One of the core concepts at The Worth Project is to know your worth, and then ask for it. But what does knowing your worth mean? To us it's knowing what you love, what you want, and what you're capable of. And then it's going out and getting it. To help you get...

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