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How to Negotiate Anything… Pretty Much

Five years ago Jordan’s MBA program was headed to Russia and I was completely jealous. I’d never been. The way his work schedule fell, he was able to go 10 days early to travel and explore. I desperately wanted to go and we started sketching out what a trip would look...

March Financial Goals Update: How I Make More Money

When Jordan and I sat down to make our goals for 2018, we knew this would be a big year. “Make more money” isn’t a unique goal but the goal was intrinsic to enabling our live bigger goals. We were expecting our first child in March, we are saving up to build a home on...

Make the Pay Gap Personal

Last week Jordan and I were thrilled to welcome little Henry Ellis into our family. He’s our first child and well, let’s just say I had no idea what to expect. These last 10 days have been a whirlwind and after an extended stay in a hospital room that costs more than...

Why We Chose The Nevada 529 Plan and How Much We’re Saving

I’ve written a lot about opening a 529 plan this year because Jordan and I are expecting our first child (or, depending on when I publish this, our first child might already be here. Weird.) Though I laid out the basics of a 529 plan in this video and post, the...

What is a 529 Plan?

With our first child on the way, I wanted to be sure that we had our bases covered when it came to college savings. It's a big deal (and an even bigger expense!) and I really didn't want to make the wrong decision. After combing through way too much information on 529...

Gellerholz Books – Selling Books on Amazon

If you've ever wondered who these people are that sell their things on Amazon and become rich in the process, I'm here with a reality check: it's really, really hard to make money selling things in this competitive marketplace. While I started this little side hustle...

How I Started My Side Hustle: The Step By Step Guide

Way back in 2015 I was in a miserable job that I hated. I was on a path that wasn’t right for me. I needed out, and quickly. I needed a side hustle. Now I know that, thankfully, not everyone hates their job. But hating your job isn’t the only reason to start a side...

Personal Capital Tutorial and Review

I make it no secret that I’m a little disorganized with my money. Or, I should say I was disorganized before I put some systems in place to help me not be such a mess. (You can see the full post here and get the guide here on how Jordan and I organize our money) I’ve...

January Book Review: What If It Does Work Out?

Every year I make the vague resolve to read more. Then halfway through the year, I realize I’ve only picked up a handful of books, most of which constitute beach reads. I’m not knocking beach reads, we need them. But there is also something important about reading...

The Pocket Guide To Investing

A few months ago I was helping a friend set up her investment account. As I was walking her through her options, I realized that the words coming out of my mouth sounded...obnoxious. “You’ll want to make sure you have proper diversification. What’s your risk...

A Negotiation Mistake That Costs More Than $1 million

Last year, when putting together my negotiation course and teaching workshops, I included a stat about how a small difference in salary could add up to over $1 million in lost earnings over the course of a career. Specifically, how a $7,000 salary difference could add...

The Best Way to Invest Money for the Short and Mid-Term

Let’s be honest: saving for an emergency fund or for retirement can be a bit, well, boring. Maybe you don’t think so but I’m totally unenthused by those two (very important) things. But the short-term and mid-term goals? That’s where I think the fun is. Maybe it’s...

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