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“So. What do you do?

Having a strong message not only opens doors, it makes me feel that much better about who I am, what I do, and what my future holds.

Unstick Your Career

Seek out and create opportunities that put your interests first, rather than seeking out opportunities that put a guide for promotion first.

The Weekend Buzz

Buzzworthy: “kalsarikännit” – the Finnish word for drinking at home in your underwear with no intention of going out. Otherwise known as Friday night. Hi there, TGIF (seriously) and here we have the second edition of The Weekend Buzz: a roundup of...

Ditch Imposter Syndrome

Let’s be clear: you’re kind of a big deal. But in the hustle (and occasional grind) of the workplace, you sometimes feel a little inadequate. Here’s how to stop that.

The Weekend Buzz

Buzzworthy: “Never look down on someone unless you’re helping her up.” – the new back of a Swedish soccer player’s jersey Hi there, Monday through Friday you are busy – so busy – with your career, friends, family, and maybe if you’re...