For the people who know the biggest changes in their life and career are going to come from them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.


“I want my hard work to be noticed and appreciated. And I want the right people to notice.”

“I want to be in control of my future. I want to know I can get the jobs and the promotions I want.”

“I want to be paid fairly. But it’s about more than money. I want to know that I’m valued.”

“Advice is nice, but I also want to hear how other women have actually done it.”


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“I believe we are underpaid, not because we are not worth it but because we haven’t strengthened our muscles enough to MAKE others see just how much we are worth.”

Chrystina, The Worth Project member


I’m the chief curator here at The Worth Project.

My professional story starts like that of many women: I graduated with a great education that could help me do my job well, but without the real education I needed to make sure what I was doing was noticed.

Luckily, along my career journey I’ve met a lot of great mentors and I’ve taken the time to teach myself what was missing from my education: how to ask for things, how to self-promote, and how to make sure I could tell a compelling story when someone asked “what do you do?” Those skills have helped me create a career that I love, from working in accounting as a CPA, to brand management, to eventually running my own marketing consulting company with some famous clientele.

We all know about the pay gap, the confidence gap, the wealth gap. I started The Worth Project because I saw the chance to help women erase those gaps in their own life, while we’re waiting for the world to catch up.


Erica Gellerman founded The Worth Project to bring tools and education women need to advance their careers and earn what they deserve. After 10 years of experience at PwC and P&G, Erica began her own marketing consulting company in 2015. After informally helping women who were trying to figure out their next career step and get their hard work noticed at work, she saw there was a gap our education as professional women: while we know we can and should speak up, we rarely do.

Combining her career training and negotiation coursework from business school, she began writing articles and creating guides to help women stand out and ask for more, in work and in life. She writes a weekly column for Forbes where she interviews women negotiating their salary. She’s also a writer for The Everygirl and her work has been featured in Money, DailyWorth, Huffington Post, and The Muse.

Erica has her MBA from Duke University, her BA in economics from UC Santa Barbara, and is a California CPA. She currently living as an expat in London with her husband, Jordan.

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