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This week has been one of those weeks that was surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because there were a lot of things that could have made it really rough:

  • I picked up a few new clients last month, only to have to break up with one this month (which, as a people pleaser, was so difficult)
  • A lot of rain that was a firm reminder that summer in the UK is over
  • Our nanny was sick, but I still needed to work, which was pretty much impossible

But those inconveniences ended up being great:

  • Losing that client helped free up my time and a day later I took on a higher paying client
  • The rain has made the UK feel like the UK again
  • No childcare made me come to terms with the fact that I can’t do it all. Or, really, I can’t do it all, alone.

Which brings me to this: we’re hiring a (very) part-time freelance role. Details are here.

And now, enjoy cruising into the long weekend with some binge reading for your holiday.


we’ve got you covered

Annual review season is coming at you fast. Which means an opportunity to ask for a raise is also coming at you fast. Ready for it? If you enroll in Not Your Father’s Negotiation Course between now and October 6th, you’ll get access to a free live training where you can ask your questions, practice negotiation, and get ready for the real thing. Full details here.

PSA for past students: in a few weeks you’ll get an email with access to the live training. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.

Binge read. Don’t need a course? Check out my full Forbes series for inspiration and hear how other women have successfully negotiated. And don’t forget to negotiate pretty much anything, including your rent.

Make Me Smart

smart-ish reads from around the internet

You’ll be great. Ever feel like you stick to cliches when trying to give a pep talk? This article breaks down how to give your friend (or yourself) a realistic pick me up. Maybe it’s time to retire the phrase “you’ll be great!”

Let it go. Any other people pleasers out there? Kristen Bell has a recommendation for you.

Can I get your advice? How replacing one little word can change a conversation. Use this when you’re negotiating a raise or trying to win over your new boss.

Hit reset. I’ve never done a money cleanse or no spend month, but I know so many people swear by them. If you need a post-summer cleanse, this article has some tips for your no-spend September. Jordan and I are going to try a toned down version of this. At the end of the month we’re heading to California for 2.5 weeks and we’ll probably eat most meals out. To balance, we’re taking the next few weeks to only eat at home (coffee and drinks out are still ok – let me live people). If a no spend month feels like child’s play to you – there’s always a no spend year.

Make It Good

because life is about more than money

Take a walk. One of my favorite things about living in the UK is that taking a walk is a celebrated daily activity. There’s even a walkers rights association. But now that I have a dog who doesn’t walk (yes, they exist) and a baby who doesn’t love to stroll, walks aren’t really that relaxing anymore. This weekend I’m leaving those less than enthusiastic walkers at home and trying out the ultimate relaxing walk: a walking meditation. If you’ve struggled to get onboard with meditation (hand raised over here), this might be the perfect solution.


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