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In 72 hours I’ll be on a beach in Spain, so it’s safe to say I have travel on my mind. We’re heading to one of our favorite places in the world, San Sebastian. Not only is the beach beautiful, the city is vibrant, and we love spending casual days post-beach ducking into pinxtos bars.

This is likely our last summer living in Europe (tear) and we didn’t want to leave without one more trip to San Sebastian. I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel so much while living here and to take Henry to a place we love so much. We had the goal to do a few last great trips while we still live here, so we booked everything just a couple of weeks after Henry was born. As a bonus – we snagged some great deals including our beautiful airbnb just steps from the beach.

I’m sure that having a four month old in tow will mean our days look slightly different than they have during past vacations, but I can’t wait to have a great week in that town.


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Who’s keeping score? I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never looked into credit card hacking. I hoard points, let some of them expire, and rarely seem to use them when I should. So this year when Jordan and I decided to give that whole sign up for credit cards so you can get lots of miles thing, I was hesitant. My biggest concern? What would it do to my credit? Here’s the answer. Now go use those points to nab that first class upgrade of your Instagram dreams. #blessed

You do what? Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received some great responses from readers as to how to get the best deals while traveling. Even though I’ve traveled a lot, I hadn’t heard of most that were shared. If you’re gearing up for your next trip, here are 13 ways to stretch, save, and hack your way to travel deals. It includes a few of my travel tricks that I’ve learned along the way and the best tips from travel savvy community members.

Unmet expectations. Someone who took my negotiation course successfully negotiated an offer with a new company…only to have the actual offer letter not reflect what they had agreed to during the negotiation. What should he do? I thought I’d share the answer with everyone in my Instagram stories. And spoiler: he did this and received a happy result.

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In the know. I used to consider myself a United mileage plus savant. I flew so much I knew how to get that upgrade and what to do to get every last benefit offered (like using an international lounge as my makeshift office for the day – and eating all my meals there). But over the past two years my miles have dwindled and I’ve lost touch with what any programs offer. This New York Times article is perfect to get you up to speed. It breaks down the basics of the mileage programs and what you can expect from each.

Also, when is it better to buy that flight and when is it better to use miles? Use this calculation and dig deep with this guide.

OOO messages. I’m debating putting an out of office message for this next week. Though if you’re self employed are you really ever OOO? Unclear. If I decide to post one, I’ll definitely be using one from this list.

$54 million and a bucket list. What would you do with $54 million? The choices feel overwhelming. Do I learn how to cook in the Hamptons and become the Barefoot Contessa’s bff? Do I sip mai-tai’s on the beach in Maui all day, every day? Do I keep writing this newsletter? (obviously, yes.) I love following the Bucket List family on Instagram and they inspire me to travel. Not familiar with them? Guy sells app for $54 million. Decides that rather than buying all the things he’ll spend 3 years traveling the world with his wife and 3 kids. Here’s his original post where he laid out his why. Color me inspired. Jordan, you’ve been warned.

Make It Good

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Beach reads. Or not so beach reads. After resolving to give up screens before bed, I decided to spend more time reading. But my 2018 book list wasn’t really helping me unwind. I went in search of book recommendations and found the best resource: Grace Atwood’s blog, The Stripe. Her reviews are spot on and the list of books she’s read is extensive. And she has a podcast about books! Since finding her blog I’ve been cruising through one book a week and feeling pretty pleased with myself. And to make this financially responsible, I’ve been renting the e-books from my library. Does a kindle count as screen time? Hmm.

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