Since The Worth Project has been on a roll recently – picking up tons of new members and getting a lot of new press – I’ve been receiving the nicest emails. Who knew the internet could actually be a nice place?

One of my favorite emails to get is when someone replies to The Weekend Buzz to tell me that they forwarded it along to their friends. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than to hear that there was something in that email that you wanted to share. I was tired of saying just saying “thank you!” in reply because that doesn’t sum up how appreciative I am.

A month ago I was mentioning this to Jordan and a few days later he came back with an idea: why don’t I start a referral program? That way instead of just saying thank you, I could actually give people something in return.

I’m 0% tech savvy so I quickly dismissed this. Thankfully, he doesn’t give up so easily and he tracked down someone who could help put together the technical pieces.

To say thank you for reading, sharing, and being a part of The Worth Project we’ve put together a program called “Project Insider.” The gist is when you share the Weekend Buzz with friends you’ll be able to track your referrals. And I’ll be able to show you my appreciation with a lot more than just a “thank you!” email reply.

I have plans to provide even more thank you’s through the Project Insider as it grows but I wanted to start off with something now to let you know that I appreciate you reading, sharing, and taking action with money in your own life.

PS: Project Insider is new and like I said, I’m 0% tech savvy. So if it’s confusing or clunky or you think it can work better, hit reply and let me know. I want to make this as easy as possible.



“I’m bad with money.” Odds are you say some pretty rude things to yourself every day and there’s a strong chance that this negative talk track could be affecting your bank account. I honestly used to be a money mindset naysayer until I took my first behavioral economics class. Not only do I totally get it now, I also recognize a huge mindset that I’m currently struggling with. Here are 5 common mindsets that are sabotaging your money and what research says you can do about them.

Savor your weekend reads: I received the nicest email from someone who mentioned that they save this email to read on a weekend morning so they can dive into all the articles I link. I love that. To make it easier to binge read – or find something that was previously included – The Weekend Buzz emails are now archived on The Worth Project. You can find them under the menu heading “The Weekend Buzz.” Click here to binge.

So money. This month has been going by at a crazy, hectic pace (or is it just me?) and a couple of weeks ago I was on the So Money podcast for a Friday episode of Ask Farnoosh. This was so fun because I actually talked with Farnoosh nearly 3 years ago and she encouraged me to publish my first article. Talk about a full circle moment.  In the podcast, we answer listener questions like: “what should I think about before I rent out my basement” and “is there anything my husband and I need to think about before quitting our jobs and traveling the world for a year?” I’m still extremely envious of that last question.


Make me smart: smart-ish reads from around the internet

Boredom leads to brilliant ideas: When was the last time you were bored? Not scrolling through Instagram on your phone bored. Like really, no technology bored? I’ve gotten in the horrible habit of sleeping with my phone practically in my hand. Could a habit like that not only make you sleep horribly but can also rob you of your most brilliant ideas? Maybe I’d be a whole lot smarter if I ditched the phone and got a little bored. This TED talk starts out with a new mom walking 10-15 miles a day without podcasts to listen to (gasp) and how that time of boredom helped lead her to her most brilliant ideas.

A year of going broke: a detailed look into Stacy London’s year of going both emotionally and financially broke. It’s an honest look into the habits and mindset that can derail even the strongest people in tough times. It’s a cautionary tale and a good reminder that you don’t need to go broke in order to live.


Make it good

I have a lot of anxiety about being 39 weeks pregnant and being constantly told I could go into labor “any minute.” I feel like a ticking time bomb. To combat this, I’m going to spend the next week trying my best to prioritize self care and not be a total nut. This weekend I’ll be starting the free 7 day meditation sequence through Calm and trying out this recipe for a rose coffee. The recipe looks really ambitious, but it’s supposed to snow this weekend so I’m up for the challenge.


“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.”

– Stephen Hawking


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Every Friday we bring you a roundup of the most interesting stories, things to learn, and ways to be smart with your money. Sent straight to your inbox.

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