I don’t know about you, but these last couple of weeks – with the heartbreaking news stories, some bumps with work, and some personal things going on – has made it feel like a very moody and somber February. While I’m all for feeling your feelings, I had to break out of my funk.

So last Saturday as Jordan and I were driving to an all day baby class on the first sunny day we’ve had all winter, we turned the car around. We played hookie from the class (we can watch a movie about taking care of a baby, right?), and made the most of those 6 hours. We took a walk, went shopping, and went to a beautiful restaurant for lunch that we’ve both wanted to go to.

Since then it’s been a week of semi-indulgences, from extra long early morning sunrise walks (this shot is from this morning), to late night Five Guys orders eaten in our pj’s (I blame it on pregnancy), to planning a really fun and relaxing weekend in London with friends.

I’m sure we’ve spent a lot more than usual and there are definitely more responsible things we could have done with our time and our money this week. But it’s all about balance, right?And when you spend on the things that make you happiest, while it can sometimes look irresponsible, it might be exactly what you need.

If you’re feeling the February funk, give yourself permission to live a little, without the guilt. Play hookie, sleep in, buy those shoes, or take that trip.



Warren Buffett had a mortgage. There’s always a lot of discussion (read: confusion) about debt. Is some good? Is some bad? Do I save for retirement or payoff my debt or bulk up my emergency savings? And then, faced with too many choices you do nothing and sit your ass on the couch to watch yet another episode of Friends while binging on Starburst. Oh, that’s just me? When I wasn’t sure whether to pay off my $120k student loans, save, or invest I spent far too long trying to figure out what was “right.” Learn from my procrastination with this article – and a handy graphic – that will walk you through the 3 phases of your financial freedom. Go on, get your learn on.

Let’s talk about people way cooler than me. Did you negotiate your first job out of college? I sure didn’t. I still don’t know why they hired me. But this amazing lady did. One phone call got her an extra $10k.And she credits her gumption to her mama: “My mom taught me from a young age that you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate for.”


Make me smart-ish: smart-ish reads from around the internet

Treat yo self, or not: This article in Harpers Bazaar addresses how our culture shames women for spending money on…themselves (gasp). Reading it I was nodding along, especially when I got to this: “Part of this has to do with the fact that when men spend money, it’s generally assumed they worked hard for it. When women spend money, it’s often assumed that the money came from their husband or their father.” Treat yourself, or not, but people’s opinions should stay out of your bank account.

Rock, pebble, sand, water? In an effort to revamp my to-do list (and let’s be real, continue playing hookie occasionally from grownup life), I re-watched this video on prioritizing the important things in life. It’s a short clip of a story about a university professor filling up a jar with rocks. It might not sound deep, but I promise it’ll have you thinking about the rocks, pebbles, and sand in your life differently. And help you hone in on what really matters.

The Pay-triarchy. Barclays released a report detailing the pay gap between men and women in their investment banking division. Surprising to no one, men make more. Surprising to everyone, is just how much. Women are paid less than half when salaries are compared and 79% less when bonuses are taken into account. WTF. But before you lose hope, there’s this. The women’s US Hockey Team not only got an Olympic gold medal but a gold star in negotiation (cheesy, I know). They spent the past 15 months negotiating equal treatment and pay, which ended with them getting a pay increase to $70k per year – up from the $6k they were making every 4 years.

“If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.”

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