Another Friday, another looming deadline coming my way in just a few hours. My procrastination habit just won’t die.

But rather than finishing my project, I just took the time to read this piece by Adam Grant on why procrastination is the best for your creativity. He wrote the book Originals (and is also Sheryl Sandberg’s bff) and shared that one of the common traits of original thinkers is procrastination.

So if anyone is on that procrastination struggle bus with me, take heart: you simply might be an original genius.

Another thing I’m procrastinating on is prepping for this baby that is apparently going to be here in 5 weeks. Jordan asked that tonight we sit down and go over what we need to do before it gets here (like you know, find the hospital entrance). He’s such a planner.

In an effort to embrace a little more planning, I’m asking YOU for advice. I’m planning to write an article or two about how to prep or plan for maternity leave: what can you negotiate? How do you handle the workload leading up to it? How did you plan financially? I’m looking for advice from women both in the corporate world and self-employed gals. Have something you can share? Hit reply and let me know.



He said what? The most popular article – by far – on The Worth Project is about how Jordan and I combine (and don’t combine) our money. I know. I’m just as surprised as you are. While that article is 100% accurate about how we handle money, it doesn’t cover what’s equally as important: how to handle disagreements. Money disagreements are going to happen – and that’s ok – we need to stop pretending that they don’t. But we should also share our strategies for how we handle these awkward topics. In celebration of Valentine’s Day this week (I’m such a romantic), I’m sharing 3 of our biggest money arguments and how we’ve resolved them. Argument #2 was a serious meltdown.

I’d love to know: what has been your biggest money disagreement and how have you solved it?


Make Me Smart: Smart-ish reads from around the internet

#goals: Bill & Melinda Gates released their 10th annual letter this week and marked the occasion by answering the 10 toughest questions they get. The letter is, of course, fascinating, but I was drawn to question #9: “What happens when the two of you disagree?” Not only were their answers interesting, the fact that she gets this question routinely and he is never asked is sadly not surprising. Read the letter to see how these two billionaires are truly #goals in every sense.

Your budget is broken. While doing a little research for an upcoming article (which will be published on a site that I am so excited to collaborate with – more details at the end of the month!) I came across this article about the psychology of why you can’t stick to a budget. Every single point is something that I wholeheartedly agree with, but it was so interesting to read a well-researched opinion on this. The emotional approach to budgeting (depriving yourself) is flawed.

Cut the cord. I cut the cable cord back in 2008 before it became all the rage. Not because I was trying to save money (a welcome result), but because I got into a dispute with our cable company. I ended up complaining to the Better Business Bureau and winning, but still didn’t want to give them any extra business. Side note: if you have a complaint with a company that they’re not taking seriously, the BBB can be a seriously helpful resource. This week the WSJ breaks down whether cutting the cord and going to some of the newer live TV streaming options is worth it.

This costs how much? This year I did actually make it to a store and buy Jordan a Valentine’s Day card, only to lose it before giving it to him. Whoops! But as I was browsing the card aisle I couldn’t help but get annoyed with how expensive cards are. I am a sucker for a good Papyrus card but I’m always shocked to see a sticker price of $6-$10. It reminded me of this old, but good, article about why greeting cards are so darn expensive.


There’s not enough rap songs about staying home on a Friday night and saving money. 

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