Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, yesterday was a day of reflection. There were so many emotions, and unfortunately for many women, one of the overwhelming emotions was disappointment. The glass ceiling that was expected to be shattered with hard work and preparation, instead remains intact.

Unfortunately, that story is all too familiar for many women in the workplace. “Keep your heard down. Work hard. Do the best you can and you’ll be rewarded.”

Right now those feel like misguided lies.

Our next presidential election isn’t for another 1,453 days. But we can spend each and every one of these days doing the work that matters to us and reminding ourselves that change doesn’t happen one night every four years. Change happens in our every day life when we do the things and support the causes we care most about.

For me that cause means creating resources to help women advocate for themselves in, and out of, the workplace.

Today is the day we, as women, should all get back to work.

It’s the day to ask for that promotion, to take on that high visibility project, to speak at that meeting, to ask for more. Today is the day to build your confidence, to know what you bring to the table, to know your worth and to make sure that others see that worth every single day.

The glass ceiling may not be shattered, but it has been cracked. With a little pressure from all of us, we can continue the unfinished work of the many women who have come before us.

Women, we have a long way to go, but the journey gets a little easier when you know, believe in, and communicate your worth.

This was originally published on The Huffington Post. 

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